Thoughts of the Week


I am not really sure to write today but Happy Halloween!! Halloween is a fun holiday but it is not my favorite. I am more of a Christmas gal myself. But, I do love the entire fall season. I wore a Batman shirt today for it. My school does not actually allow us to wear real costumes. I go to a local grade school in the mornings and play with the children. They were all wearing superhero shirts today so I wanted to join in on the fun!

In other news, I have recently gotten a job as a waitress at a local restaurant. I really like it, most of the time anyway. I really believe that it is one of the better jobs for teenagers and even adults. I make pretty decent money doing it. The hourly wage isn’t the best, but the tips are great! It is a little time consuming on the weekends, which is not the most fun thing. But, I know myself and I know that if I was not working, I would be sitting on the couch at home.

I have also recently been doing Crossfit. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. Along with a healthy diet, you will literally probably see results in a week. This is no joke. every day that I do it I kinda feel like dying, but after you will feel AMAZING! But, also a little bit dead lol. I do it with a group of girls after school and I just have a blast.

Last week though, I noticed that I would get hives after everytime I worked out there. Which means more than likely I am allergic to some cleaning supplies they use or something like that. I went to the doctor and got some medicine and it hasn’t happened since then so fingers crossed!

I am still confused on what I want to do in the future, but it is all good I am just taking it one day at a time. I hope you are all doing well.


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