10 Days of Something New

Hey guys! I hope you all are having an amazing holiday weekend. I have been spending my time with family and friends. It has been so great. This is a post that I put in my drafts a while back. Today, even though it isn’t my posting day I really wanted to share something with you guys. I was going back through my drafts and found this. I never completed it, but it is such a good idea. I decided to finish it, and share it with you guys. Welcome to my 10 days of something new.

Since I have been in a funk recently I decided to create this challenge! I am going to be doing something new for 10 days in a row!! I am super excited and cannot wait to see the amazing benefits that come from getting out of my comfort zone! So for the next 10 days it is my goal to post at least once a day, and share with you what I did new that day! I would absolutely love if some of you guys would do this with me!

Day 1- Went to a coffee shop by myself.

Day one starting off not so strong. I took lots of instagram stories, but somehow forgot to take actual pictures. Anyways, I went to this little local coffee shop that I had never been in before. I wasn’t really in the mood to get coffee, so I just grabbed a tea instead. It was seriously so good. I brought my laptop to do some work, but I ended up just enjoying my tea.

People watching is one of my favorite things to do. There were a few older lady groups that seemed as though they were catching up. A few business people doing some work on their computers, and a few little families.

The coffee shop wasn’t anything fancy. The back half of it is actually a bookstore. All of the tables had different tablecloths on them. It made the place feel so homely.

One of the challenges I made for myself was to talk to someone new. Honestly, I probably didn’t do the best at this, but I talked to the new baristas if that counts lol.

After I left I, was so glad that I went. It felt great to support a local small business, enjoy some new surroundings, do something by myself, and drink some good tea!

I am not sure what new thing I am going to be doing tomorrow, but I will be sure and keep you guys updated!!



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