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3 Tips To Prevent Gaining Weight Through The Holidays

It is Christmas time!!!!! Or if you’re a person who will not embrace Christmas until Thanksgiving then I guess that it is Thanksgiving time!!! Either way the holiday season is finally upon us and I am so excited! The holidays are filled with so much joy and love, I find it hard to be negative or cranky during them! However, there is one downside to all this holiday spirit….. the food. I don’t know about you guys, but at all the holiday gatherings I go to there is always a ton of food. Like food you cannot resist. All the turkey, casseroles, deserts, sweet drinks, and stuff that just makes your mouth water at the thought of. I decided to go on my health journey about 4 years ago. Since then, I think that I have come up with some good tips to prevent gaining weight through the holidays!

Tip #1

Drink water.

I know this one seems super simple, but it actually has a rather large impact. Drinking water has so many amazing benefits. It is good for your skin, digestive system, organs, muscles, you name it and it probably helps it. I have also noticed for me personally that most times when I wake up hungry/am hungry throughout the day it is usually because I need water.

I love to drink water out of cute cups. This way I am more opt to carry it around with me!

Tip #2

Move your body, even if it is just a little.

Eating lots of food usually leads us to feeling super full and maybe a little bloated. Basically you go into a food coma. And the last thing you wanna do when you’re in a food coma is go work out. So maybe instead of doing full on workouts, just take a little walk. You will find that a walk will more than likely aid in your digestion, give you a little energy boost, and probably just lead you to feeling better overall. I kind of break this down in the next tip, but don’t forget that the holidays really only fall on 3 major days, so don’t let those 3 days ruin your entire holiday season!

It really helps if you find an exercise/work out that you enjoy doing!!

Tip #3

Be mindful of what you eat the other 90 meals.

Okay so when it comes down to it we will say the average person will eat 100 meals from now until New Years. So when you break it down like that, that is probably only 10 meals (if you are an extreme holiday party attender), where you will be surrounded by abnormal amounts of yummy food.

Why would you let 10 meals stand in front of you feeling your best before the new year even begins? I know this may sound a little harsh, but if you aren’t willing to start eating healthy/take care of yourself now, what makes you think that you will do it January 1st? If you have excuses now more than likely you are going to have some when the first of the year rolls around.

Honestly one of the best things that I have ever done for myself was to do this thing called the “30 days to healthy living.” In this group you cut out all allergens and eat all natural. So no gluten, dairy, soy, grains, etc. I know it sounds terrible, but it is actually super easy. And you may think “why would I cut that out if it doesn’t affect me?” Well what you may find out is that it actually DOES affect you, your body may just be numb to it. After doing the challenge I have found that my body is actually extremely sensitive to processed grains & dairies. I honestly do not even want that food anymore, because it makes me feel so terrible.

I know I always show this pic lol, but it just makes me so proud!

All of those foods help to bring your body back to its most natural state known as the alkaline state, and in doing that it has soooo many amazing benefits. I know that was a longish rant that you may not be interested in, but even just having 1-2 meals a day where you are super mindful about what you are putting in your body can have the greatest impact.

Personally, I am running this challenge called the healthy holidays group. This group combines the 30 days to healthy living with the holidays allowing you to splurge on those special days, but feel great on the others. It is going to be so amazing and feel free to email me if you would like more info on it.

Smoothies are one of my most favorite things. I always have at least one a day. Such a great way to pack in a lot of nutrients.
One of my favorite meals! Just meat & veggies.

That is all the tips I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed and happy almost holidays!!!

Thanks for reading.



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