A College Weekend In My Life

Hey guys! Happy Monday! In this post I am going to share with you about my weekend at the University of Indiana! My sister attends that college and my friend Alison and I went to visit her this weekend. It was such a fun weekend meeting all her friends and seeing what it was like to live at a University. Personally, I don’t know if the whole dorm life is for me, but it was definitely a very fun weekend!


Friday after school I did some work and then went to go pick up my friend Alison! We drove up to Evansville, Indiana and went to the university. My sister is studying nursing there and really likes it. I had some trouble figuring out which dorm was hers, but ended up calling her and finding it. She was at work, so she left her room key with her friends. None of her friends were answering so we had to sneak in the door behind two residents lol.

You have to have a key fob to basically get anywhere on that campus. Once we got in the dorm room we knocked on her friends door and got her key. From there we went and changed and got ready for the evening.

Here are a few pictures of her dorm!!! 🙂

This is the entry way and common room between her dorm and sweet mates dorm.
Her little vanity/sink area. Look how cute that contact paper is!
This is my sisters side of the dorm! Sorry it is a little messy haha, she hadn’t made her bed yet! 🙂 Every room came with a desk, bed, and chair.
This is their little fridge/microwave area.
This is their bathroom.
This is my sister’s roommates area. It is actually our high school friend Kambria! She always does the cutest things.

After hanging out with Sarahs friends for a while we went out to eat pizza! The pizza was sooo yummy, but I cannot remember what the place was called lol. Once we got done eating dinner we went back to the college and met my sister Sarah after she got off work. That evening we went and visited some of their friends at another college not far from them!

This is the group of girls that I was with. Haha don’t let the picture fool you, we actually did not go in to this party. We just stood outside and got our picture taken by the tapestry lol.

We did however go into this other frat house, but we only stayed about 30m. There was nothing to do and we all found it incredible boring. Don’t worry I did document the experience for you guys! 😉

This is what the inside of all the rooms in the frat looked like. Is it just me or do you guys think this would be a terrible place to live lol. All the beds are literally to the ceiling and then the rest of the room is a bar/hangout area.

After that we went back to USI, hangout for a little bit, and then went to bed.


On Saturday, we took our time waking up. I don’t think I went to bed till like 2:30 am, so I slept in for a little bit. Sarah had to work this day too, so Alison and I just hung around till she got back. We did go get a quick bite to eat, but that was really it.

That evening we hung out with her friends again and just hung out around campus.

Agh love these girls!


On Sunday we traveled back home and I spent most of the day with my lovely boyfriend Levi. We went to eat chicken at a local restaurant, then spent the rest of the day at his sisters house watching football.

That was my weekend! I hope you guys had an awesome weekend too, and an ever better work week.

Thanks for reading!



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