A Destin, Florida Airbnb Tour

I absolutely love Airbnb. I think the idea is so cool and I hope to have a few one day! When we were down in Destin, Florida my family and I stayed in a townhouse. It was super nice and was about 1/4 mile walk to the beach. Since I am super into this type of stuff I thought I would share with you pictures and do a little review on it!

The Airbnb

We stayed in a townhouse that was located in the Sandpiper Cove resort. I tried so hard to find the exact link for you guys, but I could not! However, I will definitely link some similar ones found on airbnb down below.

We paid around $350 a night and the townhouse had 3 bedrooms, 4 beds, washer and dryer, 3 bathrooms, fully stocked kitchen, living room, etc. Also, the condo was in a gated area that had tennis courts, pools, shuffleboard, hot tubs, and a restaurant.

They had a cute little dolphin welcome mat outside. Also, a side not these shoes are sooooo comfy! They are my beloved Tevas.

This was the laundry room on the left when you first walked through the door. The Airbnb had tennis rackets, beach chairs, beach towels, and sand toys for us to use!

A cute little sign in the airbnb left from the owner.

As you walk past the laundry room, at the bottom of the stairs on the right was this cute sign! I of course made sure to sign my name.

After that sign if you looked to your left there was a staircase. The stairs led up into the kitchen, then that door frame to the right of the stairs is the first bathroom.

The bathrooms were all pretty decent. My aunts did have some problems with the shower head, and I believe that their toilet also quit working. But the maintenance there was super good and got it taken care of immediately.

This is the room that’s connected to the bathroom pictured above. All the rooms had tv’s in them which was super nice, but I don’t think I watched tv at all. But if you wanted to the option is definitely there. 😉

This is just the mirror that was in that room, and apparently I felt the need to take a picture in it.

This is the kitchen that is located at the top of the stairs. I loved this kitchen. It gets so much light and everything is just so bright and happy. Ugh I want it.

In the picture above you can kind of see where the light shines through at, and that would be through this patio. There was a patio attached to the kitchen and another one of the bedrooms. It is a super nice spot to lay swimsuits out on or lay out and tan.

This is the living room attached to the kitchen. The place was decorated super cute and all the furniture was comfy. There was also a pullout mattress attached to the big couch. My sister slept on it and said that it was actually very nice.

Just another view of the living room.

Through that door frame on the right side of the picture above is where another bedroom was located. For some reason I didn’t get any other pictures besides this of this room. I think my camera messed up or I deleted them on accident. But this room also had a walkout balcony and a nice bathroom!

Also, attached to the living room is another set of stairs.

Upstairs is kind of a loft situation. It was just one big open space which I really liked. This is where I slept all week. It got pretty warm up there during the day since the roof would get so hot, but at night I slept like a baby. These beds were so comfy, my mom debated on asking what kind of mattresses they were haha.

This is the bathroom upstairs, it is a little less than fabulous. It is super small and the only vent in there is covered by this rug lol. But it did get the job done, so if you aren’t super picky on bathrooms this one will be just fine.

This picture is the view underneath the house, right in front of where we parked the cars. There was a beautiful little pond in between all the houses and this cute little porch swing!

To the left of the porch swing there are a few chairs and a hammock. Sorry this photo is out of focus, but you can still kind of gather what it looks like.

Just a picture in the hammock.
A picture we took at the pool in the resort.

That concludes this post! I hope you guys enjoyed it, and be sure to comment down below if you would like to see more of these reviews! I would love to do more airbnb traveling. 🙂



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