A Look Inside My Daily Planner

Stationary is one of my most favorite things. I absolutely love going into target and other stores and looking at all their stationary. There is just something about them that sucks me in and makes me so happy! Most of them are so aesthetically pleasing and there is just something about being organized. I do admit that I tend to go through phases of journaling and planning, but lately I have been on top of my game! On Sundays I like to go through and schedule in everything that I know I have that week, and then every morning I write down what I have that day.

This isn’t a complete week but you get the gist lol

Organizing It

The planner I use is more like a notebook. It has lined paper as you can see in the picture above. I got it from target but I cannot seem to find it! I would honestly like another planner that has the lines already drawn out, but I am going to make myself use up all this paper first lol. I have another journal that I actually write things in but it is kinda tiny and not the cutest thing ever.

I like to write the day on the upper left hand side and date on the upper right. Then I just list things that I need to do, remember, or just some highlights of my day. 🙂

Sorry about the quality, I just wanted to blur them a little bit for personal reasons!

I use a lot of paper clips in my planner. For me that is the best way to keep everything together. I printed out some monthly calendar sheets, so that I can see the overview of my week the same time as I see my weekly stuff! I just got them off google, there are lots to choose from.

My monthly goals are listed on the back side of the monthly calendar page. This helps me to stay on track to reach them! I have lots of goals this year and I am very excited about them. You can read some of them here.


Do you guys use planners? My school gives us a planner to use at the beginning of the year, but I like to use my own.

Here are some super cute planners I found!

Hope you guys are having a great day,


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