A Week of Comfy & Cute Outfits

Hello everyone, hope you guys are all having a fantastic day. I am currently babysitting and decided today that I would share with you guys everything that I wore last week. You will definitely start to see a trend with all my outfits lol. I am most definitely a comfy outfit person. Being in uncomfortable clothing makes me cranky, so I tend to wear the same things over and over again. Once I have found something that works for me I stick to it! Comment down below and let me know if you would rather be in comfy or cute clothing?


My favorite comfy outfit.

I started out the week wearing my gray Under Armour tennis shoes, camo shorts from Nike, and this black Nike tank top. This is a very normal outfit for me, it is so comfy and doesn’t look too terribly bad either. I babysit 3-5 days a week so this is the perfect outfit to chase children around in, while staying cool at the same time. I sweat a lot so tank tops are a must for me in the summer time.


On Tuesday, I wore my multi colored running shorts from nike, paired with this pink tank top from Under Armour. This is basically the same outfit I wore yesterday, but with different colors and slightly different clothing. My favorite thing about these shorts is that they are non restricting. I hate feeling restricted so these are a must for me. They also have built in underwear #win.


I am not including any picture from Wednesday, because I literally wore the same outfit from Monday lol. Whenever I find an outfit that I love I never take it off.


Thursday I went and hung out with my boyfriend, so I did put on some jean shorts. These shorts are actually my favorite pair. They are the “mom short” from American Eagle, they are a super baggy fit and o so comfy. I paired it with my sister’s shirt from Goodwill that says “Higher Than I’ve Ever Been.” It’s a souvenir shirt from the mountains, but I just thought it was funny. I also wore my favorite Birkenstocks. If you look closely you may notice that the left one is chewed up. I can thank my dog Rosco for that, but these shoes are too expensive to get rid of haha. This outfit still falls in my “comfy outfits” category. 🙂


Friday I went and hung out with friends after I got done babysitting, so I did dress it up a bit. The shirt is from TJ Maxx and my denim skirt is from Nordstrom. This skirt is so comfy and I love the fit of it.


Saturday I went with basically the same outfit as the day before. Denim skirt from Nordstrom and I think this little flower shirt is from TJ Maxx! Super comfy and pretty cute if I do say so myself. The watch on my wrist is from Fossil and I’m just wearing my good ol birks per usual.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this post!! I sure do love my comfy outfits. Be sure to comment down below rather you are a comfy or cute clothing person!

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