A Weekend In New York

I figured I would wrap up all my New York posts, and tell you guys a little bit about what I actually did there! It was a trip that I will definitely never forget, and I cannot wait to share with you guys more about my weekend in New York!

Helloooo my lovely readers. This past Columbus Day weekend my mom, sister, family friend, and I all went to New York. We went there on a Thursday and came back on Columbus Day. It was a short trip, but we honestly did so much stuff that it felt like a good amount of vacation time. If you can call it that haha. I don’t know if New York will ever become my ideal vacation spot. It is definitely a place that I am so glad I saw, but I am not sure if the big city is for me. There is so much constantly going on, and I know some people thrive off that, but I prefer my chill small town. Now to actually tell you about what we did for our weekend in New York. 🙂

My Weekend In NYC

We landed at the LaGuardia airport in New York and took a car to the One Hotel in Manhattan. It was a BEAUTIFUL hotel and we were definitely spoiled by staying there. I have a full review of the hotel here.

That night we took some time to unwind, catch up with our friend, and just soak in being in New York. Later that evening we got dressed and went to a very crowded Italian restaraunt. It was very tiny and everyone was rushing around yelling at each other. I secretly really liked the atmosphere, and honestly I think this place had my favorite food of the entire trip. One of my favorite things to do was to just people watch. It definitely feels like an entire different world in New York, compared to my town. We got out of dinner at about 10pm, went back to the hotel, and called it a night.

Friday we got up pretty early, and prepped ourselves for a day of lots of walking. We went down to the lobby and rented a penny cab for about an hour. You know those little taxi things hooked on the back of a back lol. It was lots of fun and the guys taking us around we super knowledgeable. We went around Central Park, he informed of us all the great movies, and stopped to take lots of pictures of us.

After that ride we went and ate at this Thai place. It was pretty good, I just got some basic noodles & vegetables. We then went back to our hotel, got a little work done, and went back out on the town. We walked all around and went to several stores.

Friday night we ended the night pretty casually, we ate at a chill place and then came back to the hotel. My sister and I hung out while my mom & Julie (family friend) went out on the town.

Saturday morning we woke up pretty slowly. We got ready and went ahead and switched hotels for the rest of the trip. Julie wanted to give us a taste of luxury New York, but also typically New York. We switched to this place called the Dream Hotel. It was still very nice, but definitely a whole lot smaller scale than the last one lol. This hotel was in Chelsea! I think I liked the feel for Chelsea a lot better than I did in downtown Manhattan. It was definitely a more laidback place, or so it seems anyway.

We of course walked around, ate, shopped, and just enjoyed each others company. It was actually super fun on Saturday night, we went to a broadway show and saw Mean Girls. It was so good and all the performers did such a great job! I loved it.

Sunday was a day filled with seeing all the important sights. We did a whole lot of walking on this day. We went to Little Italy, (this Italian place with a bunch of different foods), 911 Memorial, statue of liberty, the mall, and of course ate some more! On Sunday, I also finally got a taste for some yummy New York pizza!

Sunday we went out to eat and just enjoyed each others company for one last time before all our flights the next day.

Monday rolled around, and I was definitely glad to go home but of course it was a little bittersweet. Leaving of course meant our family friend going back home to Florida. I dearly love her and am so glad for all the amazing experiences she has given me. My life truly would not be the same without her. Julies flight was early in the morning, so we said bye to her, went souvenir shopping, and then made our way to the airport for an easy ride home!

That was my weekend in New York! I hope you guys enjoyed. I definitely recommend that you go there at least once in your life just to experience it! Thanks again so much to Julie for giving my sister and I this trip for our birthday. We dearly love you!

Thanks for reading you guys.



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