A Weekend in Vail, Colorado

Whooo I am officially back home from a weekend in Vail, Colorado. My family and I stayed with a family that has a condo there. It was so much fun and the first time that I have ever been out towards the western side of the states. It was not really what I expected at all lol it was honestly so much more amazing.

The views were incredible and I absolutely love the little village feel to the town. All the streets were cobblestone and you walked everywhere you went, or took the town bus that just drives in circles around the village. It was such a great time and I am definitely going to be back.

Here is one picture of the town.
This is a higher up picture. As you can see it is not very big at all!


Vail is one of the higher end places in Colorado. A lot of things there are very expensive. We stayed with family friends so we did not actually pay to stay somewhere. But the family we stayed with said that if they were to rent out one room in their condo during their ski season they could easily make $30,000. How crazy is that? There are some affordable airbnbs around, but you will still be paying a higher price for eating out and activities. The weather was also beautiful. I think the highest temperature it got there was 75, which is my favorite kind of weather. The air and water were so crisp.

Our Trip

We took off from our house on Thursday in the afternoon and began our 14 hour drive. I listened to lots and lots of podcasts. Did you guys know that you get podcasts for free on apple podcasts? I literally just now figured that out and was amazed lol. Thursday night we stayed in a hotel at Kansas City. We did that just to break up the drive a little. Friday we got back on the road and arrived around 6 pm in Vail! The car started to get hot on the way there because the air is so thin.

There were so many cars on the side of the road, because their engine had burnt up. Also, there were lots of steep slopes on the side of the interstate for “runaway cars.” So if your breaks go out on one of the hills you can just drive up that to slow yourself down. Pretty neat idea I thought.

Whenever we arrived to the condo we unpacked and then went out to dinner. We ate at this nice Italian restaurant and it was so yummy, everyone got pizza. That night we went back to the condo and just hung out.

Saturday morning we started out the day by going on a three hour hike to the top of the mountain. O my god it was torture. The thin air mixed with constant climbing did not make for a very fun time. We all got separated on the way up and I ended up doing the entire hike without water. I do not advise doing that haha. But at the top was a very beautiful view that I will always remember. Also, at the top was a few restaurants and various other things.

There was snow at the top!
View from the top
Another picture at the top with my bother, Ian, and I.
This is what the trail looked like.

Saturday afternoon we chilled out and hung out at the hot tub for a bit. That night we went to this German restaurant that was super cool.

This was the appetizer thing they brought out an it has all kinds of German food on it. I tried the liver and it was definitely not my favorite thing. The pickles were out of this world, I am a huge pickle person.

On Sunday, I mountain biked down the mountain. It was one of the craziest things I have ever done. It was so scary how fast you would go. I eventually got comfortable with it, but at first I was very nervous. We would take the skylift thing up and then ride the bikes down. We rented the bikes at a local bike shop. It was about $40 per person for a half day rental.

I didn’t take my phone when we went biking but here is view of the mountain! The trails were all through there.

Sunday afternoon we went to the hot tub again. I love hot tubs, they always feel so good. I learned how to play pool on Sunday too! The condo complex had a game room with foosball and a pool table. So I played about 3 or 4 rounds of pool and by the time we left I would consider myself a decent beginner haha.

The lovely outdoor hot tub. The complex also had an indoor hot tub & pool.

That night all the parents went out so I stayed home with the kids. We went out to the village for a little while and got candy. I didn’t eat any but the kids did of course. They went back to the condo while I did some souvenir shopping. I got my boyfriends parents koozies, myself a sticker, and then my boyfriend a t-shirt. My goal is to one day have a house that just has a huge wall covered in things from all the places I have been.

Rob & Julie (the people we stayed with). She is the ceo for ultimate software! So basically just an amazing girl boss.

Monday we woke up and went on another hike, but this time we hiked a different mountain. I thought that the hike would be easier since I had gotten use to the air but it was not lol. I still don’t think I was fully adapted to it. My lips got super dry while I was there too. We hiked to the top of the water fall and had to cross like two mini waterfalls. It was so fun and the views were absolutely breathtaking.

The top of the water fall we hiked to. The first time that I have ever seen an actual waterfall!
Another one of the amazing views.
We had to cross this part of the water fall. It was very intimidating, but easier to cross than it looks.
Look how close this baby chipmunk let me get!

After we got done with the hike we went out to eat and then got back on the road. We drove all through the night and ended up back at our lovely home around 11 am. 🙂

Overall it was such a fun trip and I will most definitely be back!

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