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Arbonne Review

Hey guys, today I decided that I would do a review on the Arbonne products that I have been using! This are all my own opinions lol I am not a part of their team or anything. I have just been seeing these products everywhere lately and wanted to try them out.

30 Day Challenge

One day this lady on instagram messaged me and we got to talking about Arbonnes products. She is an independent consultant for Arbonne and super sweet! Arbonne has a 30 day challenge that she was telling me about. Basically, you pay money and they give you 2 bags of protein, bag of fiber, 2 boxes of fizz sticks, 2 boxes of detox tea, a box of body cleanser, and a box of digestive plus. I think that I paid around $275 for all of that. Which sounds expensive but honestly it has been worth every penny.

The 30 day challenge also came with a meal plan, you get added into a supportive facebook group, and you have your very own coach that you can text through this entire challenge. Along with taking all the products you are supposed to eat healthy. The guidelines for eating are: no processed carbs, no alcohol, no dairy, no processed sugars, acidic drinks (this includes coffee), and no soy. Those are some pretty strict guidelines, but honestly it is only for 30 days and there are plenty of foods you can still it!

Not gonna lie, I did not really abide by the rules I hate to admit. I am already a decently healthy eater, so I wasn’t too strict on myself when it came to that. However, I did cut out processed sugars, carbs, and coffee! Coffee was a very big one for me, I used to be a faithful coffee drinker. But honestly when I stopped drinking it I started gaining more energy! I know that sounds crazy lol, but it is true. Now in the mornings I drink tea with a fizz stick in it. If you are not very knowledgable on Arbonna a fizz stick is their version of an energy packet. But it has no caffeine in it, just vitamins! It is wonderful.

My favorite tea

All of Arbonnes products are all natural and have no animal byproducts in them. That is one of my favorite things about the company. O another thing is that if you do not love their products they will give you your money back if it is within 45 days! That is how much they believe in their products which is great.

These are there fizz sticks, so good!

During the thirty days I have noticed that I have more energy, I feel better, don’t eat as much, and have lost a couple inches around my waist! Not drinking any caffeine has definitely helped with my energy levels. I typically drink tea with a fizz stick for breakfast, one of their protein shakes with a banana, fiber, peanut butter, and almond milk. It tastes heavenly. I eat vegetables for lunch and then whatever my mom makes for dinner lol.


Overall, I have really enjoyed it and am going to continue using their products! I have seen lots of benefits!

I hope you guys are having a great day. Thanks for reading.


Kate 🙂

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