Books That Have Changed My Life

Hi friends! Honestly, I didn’t really feel like writing a post today, but I know there are a few of you who look forward to these posts. So this post is for you guys! Sometimes in life we don’t feel like doing things, but that should just give us all the more reason to do them. Anyways, I have been meaning to share with you all some of the books that have completely changed my life. I know that sounds like a lot to claim, but it is so true. Reading for an hour a day, or doing some sort of personal development has made all the difference. Without further ado here are a few books that have changed my life!

The List

You Are A Badass

This book is actually the first book that introduced me to the world of personal development. After reading this book, I truly felt like I could conquer the world. News flash. You can conquer the world, you just have to dig deep enough to figure out how.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Some may say this book is overrated, but I think it is the perfect intro to digging deeper than what we are taught growing up. For instance, in school we are only taught to get a degree, so we can get a job. Hardly anyone teaches us about businesses, real estate, finance, investing, etc.

Mind Hacking

Another wonderful book to add to the list. Mind Hacking introduces you to the world of how our minds work. You can really reprogram your mind to do anything. If you think you aren’t a morning person start changing your thoughts and patters, and next thing you know you will be joyful at 5am. Trust me.

Think and Grow Rich

This is another staple that I think everyone should read. It has such good lessons, and truly gives you some amazing takeaways.

This isn’t so much a personal development book, but I highly recommend it if you know any younger girls! I got sent this book, and it blew away my expectations. It really opens up the world of coding/technology to young girls. Definitely go check it out.

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