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Breaking Out of the Mold

Throughout life we are taught things that really do not serve us. We are taught to go to school and get a safe job. Get a safe husband. Get a safe house. Safe. Safe. Safe. Safe. Blah. Isn’t that exhausting? Constantly being told what we should and should not do with our lives. Not to mention what we should and should not do with our bodies. Society kind of makes it feel like everyone in this world is competing against each other. Everyone is trying to make more money, have a bigger house, a nicer car, etc. etc. Not that, that is the case for everyone, but for a large portion yes.

I have gotten pretty burnt out. I don’t want this to be a negative post, because that is the opposite of what I want for myself. This time period in my life has been super confusing and super hard honestly. I went through this same thing when I was graduating high school. Now I am trying to decide which college to transfer to and I cannot for the life of me make up my mind. Everyone is telling me different things and I just don’t know. It is exhausting and makes me want to break down in tears.

I strive everyday to have an amazing day. And usually 5/7 days of the week are. I 110% believe that in order to get what you want in life you have to have a clear vision, be grateful, and work your ass off. So ever since I have learned that I have been applying that to my life.

This has turned into a random rambles post, but I just wanted to go over some things that have been in my head.


Ever since I have started working full time, it has kind of made my life a little miserable. I don’t want this to sound like a poor me thing, bc the majority of the human race does it everyday, but I just don’t think I was put here on this earth to work a 9-5 job. I just don’t. Living that type of life makes me almost resent waking up in the morning if I am being honest. It is the only few highlights of my day that makes it actually worth it.

I have so many side things that I want to do. Like I have my Arbonne business, work for Moz Nutraceuticals, and give attention to my blog. I honestly wish I could just skip the school stuff and go straight to doing what I love.

I apologize this post is super rambly and I wrote it in a kind of bad mood, so I may delete later haha. Just felt like getting something out to you guys. And the SEO score for this post is officially zero. I think it hates me right now.

Thanks for reading. Maybe one of you guys can relate to at least something I said. 🙂

P.S. I didn’t reread this, so sorry if there are a lot of spelling errors.



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