Closet Renovation – Out With The Old In With The New

Ever since I started my blogging journey, I of course have been following along other bloggers as well. The blogging world is full of fashion, and I have been sucked into the hole of loving it as well. Which is not necessarily a bad thing seeing what I usually wear lol. I am definitely a comfort over cute clothes person, but my favorite blogger Katy Roach has showed me how to combine the two, which convinced me that I desperately needed a closet renovation.

Probably the most important thing I have learned is that quality is better than quantity. I have slowly started to buy more quality staple pieces and I wanted to share those with you. So basically this post is going to be sharing with you some of my favorite quality pieces and a few tips that I have learned.

My Favorite Clothes

You guys have probably seen many times before my beloved Birkenstocks. These shoes are so comfy and the ones I am wearing are finishing their 3rd summer with me, so you can definitely say they are worth the price! Birkenstocks are the perfect example of quality over quantity.

You can also wear them with almost any outfit. They pair so perfectly with this dress from Old Navy. It is a comfy but super cute. You can also dress this outfit up by pairing it with jewelry and sandals.

I got this skirt from Topshop and it is going on its second summer with me, and I definitely think it will last a couple more. It is such good quality and was a pretty reasonable in price. I have it paired with his top I got from a friend, but I believe it was from Tj Maxx.

Guys. You will not believe where I got these shorts from. Or maybe you will. Lol I got them for $3 from Goodwill! They were a pair of jeans from the mens section, (you have got to check out the mens section). My sister cropped them for me and I was left with these super cute shorts from Lee’s. I paired it with this simple white tank from American Eagle. It was on clearance and is definitely a staple piece. I honestly never buy anything from American Eagle that is not on clearance.

The saturation is a little high on this photo lol whoops, but I still think it is super cute and definitely will be wearing it often. The shirt is from American Eagle and the shorts are also from there! After this year I am not going to be buying any shorts or jeans from American Eagle. Nothing against the brand I just want to branch out, and I think I could get some higher quality pieces for the same price! 🙂

The cardigan that I am wearing in this photo is my all time favorite. This fall I am determined to get it in every color. It is from Gap and goes with basically any outfit. It goes past my butt, so it is perfect to wear with leggings. I just had to include it in this closet renovation post. With it I am wearing my pink Under Armour tank top.

This is the typical outfit you will see me in during the fall time. I am just wearing a basic v-neck from American Eagle. The cardigan is from Kohl’s and the jeans are from American Eagle. Also, the shoes are from Skechers, so comfy!

I have actually stopped buying American Eagle jeans. Katy Roach has introduced me to my new favorite jeans- the Moto Jamie jeans from Topshop! I actually bought two pairs when Nordstrom had their anniversary sale. They are so comfy and the perfect length. The jeans are super high quality and I can see them lasting me a super long time.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed my closet renovation post. What are some of your favorite outfit pieces?



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