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Delicious Peanut Butter Smoothie

Hey guys! Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. Today I wanted to share with you guys something that I have been loving lately. And by lately I mean for the past 3 months! I have been having this delicious peanut butter smoothie every morning and it is like the best thing ever.

The Recipe

This smoothie is plant based, fills me up, and I know I have said it before but it is just so delicious. I never get tired of having it and I genuinely crave it!

The ingredients that I use are the peanut butter above that is from Sams Club, Arbonne fiber boost, Arbonne greens balance, arbonnes vanilla protein powder, and almond milk! You can substitute the almond milk for whatever liquid you please. Also, to make the smoothie even more filling add a banana!

First things first 2 scoops of the vanilla protein powder. I also blend this up using my nutribullet. It is seriously the best thing ever.

Next I add 3/4 scoop of my fiber boost. This helps to keep me fuller longer, cleans out my colon, and helps to make me not bloat!

The third ingredient is a scoop of my green balance. This has 1 serving of fruits and veggies in each scoop. It’s so delicious and helps me to get all my greens in!

After the greens balance I add in about 3/4 cup of almond milk. I just use this basic almond milk from Walmart. Also, after I add in the milk I stir it around a little with a fork. I do this in order to get all the protein powder off the sides and it just makes it easier on the blender.

Then I add in my last and favorite ingredient, peanut butter!!! I use about 1 big spoonful of this, which probably equals to about 2 tablespoons. So yummyyyyyy.

This is the final product! I know that it isn’t the prettiest thing but it is so delicious. Definitely try this recipe out guys and you can find all those products here!

I have decided to switch things up and only do a sweet Sunday post every other Sunday. Also, since I got a little burnt out on posting I have decided to only post 3x a week instead of 4! I honestly think that it will make the content even better since I won’t have to worry about cranking it out as many times. Hope you all understand 🙂

Hope you guys all have an awesome day.



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The cover photo I used is from Rose Crombies instagram!


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