Doing Things Independently

Hello all you lovely people! Currently, I am procrastinating registering for college classes, because it is something that I really do not want to do. Moving to a new place literally scares me so much, that I have been crying nonstop about it coming up lol. Everyone always says that change is a good thing, so I guess we shall see. If you haven’t seen my last post then you may not know that I have been challenging myself to do something new everyday. I named the challenge “10 Days of Something New.” Definitely go check out that post to get a low down of the challenge. Today I completed day two, so continue reading to see what that entailed!

Day 2

Today I didn’t have work, so I wasn’t really sure what to do. I ended up running some errands and went to see my boyfriend, but before that I did something independently!

I can probably count on one hand how many times I have went to get food by myself. I NEVER buy myself food while I am out and about. It is something that I just don’t spend money on. So while I was in town, I realized I hadn’t had lunch. I stopped in Subway and got myself a sandwich. It sounds so simple, but it ended up being a great part of my day.

Not only did I treat myself to a great sandwich, but I was able to surround myself with some new people. I didn’t really talk to anyone, but it was just nice to people watch.

What did you guys do today?

Thanks so much for reading. Stay tuned to see what new thing I do tomorrow.



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