Goals for 2019

  1. Have a succesful blog. – For me this does not mean making money (although I would like to that is well). It means having people read my blog and take something from it that helps them, or just brings a little bit of light into their day.
  2. Graduate High School. – This is pretty self explanatory, but I am really looking forward to this. I am ready to start a new chapter in my life.
  3. Go to church more. -I really need to work on this. Right now I just go about once month if that. So I am really looking to go regularly.
  4. Be a better person. -I like to think that I am a really good person. But, I am not the same person to my family as I am to other people. So, I really need to work on being a better person to my family.
  5. Buy myself a car. -Currently, I share a car with my sister and she is moving off to college so I am going to need a car. But, I do not want my parents to have to buy another one. I wanna pay for it. The only thing is I want to pay for it in cash, so I have been saving like crazy.
  6. Pay for my schooling. -I am blessed enough that my parents are willing to pay for my college schooling. But, I want to be able to pay for it on my own. Personally, I feel like I will do better if I pay for it because I know that I am using my own money.
  7. Start college and do good. – I plan to start college in the fall majoring in nursing. I know that nursing is really hard and I really want to excel in it.
  8. Make new friends. -I really want to open my mind to making new friends. Right now I have two school friends and one work friend. Once I start school I would love to broaden that, and find someone that I really click with.
  9. Surround myself with loved ones. – I really want to spend more quality time with family and friends. I get really caught up in my day to day life, and do not make as much time for family and friends as I really should.
  10. Go to the beach a lot. – Well technically I do not live close to any “real” beaches, but we do have a local lake that has a beach attached to it. I love going out there, tanning, and floating in the water. So, I definitely want to do that a lot, because I always love going.
  11. Workout. – Right now I do crossfit and I absolutely love it. I just want to continue doing that in this new year.
  12. Go skiing. – In this new year I really want to go some place with lots of snow, and do fun snow activities.
  13. Quit my current job. – I really want to quit the job I have now, and start working some place I love with my whole heart.
  14. Do things that make me happy. – This one is also pretty self explanatory, but I just want to do things everyday that make me genuinely happy.
  15. Go get ice cream. – This is more of like a 2019 bucket list item but I want to go to this popular ice cream spot and get ice cream. Nothing too complicated lol.
  16. Go to my aunts lake house. – All of my family has been to it, but whenever they go I am always busy. This year I want to finally go there and enjoy a good weekend on the lake. 🙂
  17. Go to at LEAST 3 concerts. – Concerts are so much fun and they make me so happy. I can always look forward to them, and being in the same room as someone famous is a feeling that I am obsessed with. I already have two concerts planned in January and February that I am really looking forward to. I will be sure to tell you guys all about them!
  18. Be around babies and small children. – This is honestly kind of weird to say lol. But, babies and small children just have an energy that bring me so much joy. I love the dependency that they need, like most people I enjoy the feeling of being needed and wanted. Also, they just have so much happiness that it makes me happy. So, I want to get a job or something that allows me to be around them a lot.
  19. Do not feel bad for saying NO. – I have the habit of feeling really bad for saying no to things. I do not like anyone feel sad or disappointed because of me. So, lots of times I will find myself doing or being at things that I do not enjoy.
  20. Do not say YES to things if you have no intention of following through. – This kind of goes along with the last one, but this is a pretty bad habit for me. I hate to admit it but sometimes people will ask me to come to something, and I will say yes in the moment. I always feel bad for saying no, but I actually have no intention for following through. This makes me seem flakey and not dependable. Also, this applies to when you make promises to yourself for example saying, “I am going to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning” and then you sleep in until 8. That is a bad habit that I need to stop getting into.

Thank you all for reading! I am going to make this my best year yet, and I hope it is the same for all of you. Happy New Year!




  • Maleah

    1. This is a great blog, and these are great goals.
    2. Although, I’m going to miss you lots, I really do hope you find a job that brings you lots of happiness and love.
    3. You can’t have a successful blog if you don’t tell people about it. 😉
    ❤️ I hope that 2019 is the best year for you yet.

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