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Halfway Through the Year- Where I am at With my Goals

Hey guys it is officially half way through the year, or at least almost half way. June 18th is close enoughhhhhh. At the beginning of the year, I made a post about my goals for this year! I have not looked at that list since and decided I would make a post looking back on that list and seeing where I am now. So lets go take a look at it. You guys can find that post here.

Goal Review

Okay well the first one on my list is have a successful blog. I think I am doing pretty well with that. My blog isn’t the most popular one in the world, but I do get a modest amount of traffic. So I would say I am doing pretty well on this goal and cannot wait to see where I end the year at.

Goal number two was to graduate high school. Check.

Goal number three was to go to church more. Still working on that one.

Goal number four was to be a better person. I think that I have done a pretty good job with this one. Obviously, I still have my bad days (I am actually going through a terrible rut right now) but I think I have made a lot of progress with this.

oooooo goal number five was to buy myself a car. Yep I have yet to do that. I mean it could still happen, and I really hope it does. My good ol bugger is still running, sooooo who knows what will happen in the future.

Number 6 was to pay for my school, and I will be doing that here shortly.

7. Start college and be good at it. Will be doing that in a few short months.

Number eight was to make new friends, I have kind of done that. Number nine was to surround myself with loved ones. I do that a lot and I love it so check on that one.

  • 10. Go to the beach a lot. Well the weather has been shit this year so I have only went once. But hopefully I will get the opportunity to go more in the next few months.

Number 11 was workout, and I am still doing that

No. 12 was to go skiing, have not done that.

No. 13 was to quit my current job at the time, lol did that.

Number 14 was to do things that make me happy, doing that.

Go get ice cream was #15, did that actually last weekend.

Go to my aunts lake house was #16. I have not done that and probably will not get to that one sadly.

Number 17 was to go to at least 3 concerts, because they make me happy. Whoop whoop already been to 3 and its only half way through the year. Hell yeah.

January- Eric Church
April- Chris Lane
June- Riley Green & Scotty McCreery

And soon to be No. 4 in August- Florida Georgia Line, Dan & Shay, Morgan Wallen, and Hardy!!

Number 18 was weird. I said to be around babies and small children more. Which makes me sound like a total creep lol, but I just love small children. They make me so happy, and yes I have done this. I actually got two babysitting jobs this summer.

Numero 19. Do not feel bad for saying no- I have gotten a lot better at this.

Last but not leas was number 20. I said “do not say yes to things if you have no intention of following through with it.” I have gotten better at this so pat on the back to me.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. It was a little different but I really enjoyed typing it. I have been in a total funk lately and I am trying super hard to get out of it. So bare with me if I am a little sporadic with posting. I have been trying to only post when I really feel like it, because I feel like that is probably the reason I am getting burnt out.



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