How I Became Self-Employed in Two Months!

Hi friends! I hope you are all doing well. Today is my first official day of self-employment and it has been fantastic! I will of course check in with you in a couple of weeks to see how I am feeling about it, but right now I feel like I have a good set up going. My big thing is still getting out of the house, and working in different locations. I haven’t made it to any coffee shops yet to work, but I will be sure to document it when I do! This week I am excited to share with you how I became self-employed in two months! Like no joke, it took two months to get going. Lets get into it…..

What I Did

If this is the first post you are seeing of mine then you probably don’t know that I own a marketing agency! It’s just a marketing agency of one at the moment, so I guess you could consider me more like a marketing freelancer. Currently, I am a junior in college studying business management/marketing, so I have had about two years of business/marketing education so far. In addition, I have also done a lot of self-teaching. I taught my self things like Facebook ads, how to run a website, SEO, a little bit of design work, and how to run a business with clients!

I have always said that I wanted to own a business. I just had no idea where to start. It wasn’t until I finally had the light bulb moment to start my own marketing agency. Marketing is exactly what I want to be doing, and I can be an independent contractor with clients rather than working for a corporation! That light bulb moment was finally had in August, when I officially started getting clients.

When I created my marketing agency, I immediately started advertising on social media and sending out lots of emails. During this time, I still worked at my full time job and did school in the evenings. It wasn’t until September that I started to pick up a significant amount of clients, and eventually bring up leaving my job.

I knew that it would be a bit of a leap at first, but I did it! The first week in October I officially became self-employed. It was definitely bitter-sweet leaving my job at the daycare, but I cannot wait to see what comes up ahead.

How I Did It

If you are wanting to start your own agency or become a freelance of some sort, you are probably asking how I did it. Well first I did a lot of researching about how to get hired as a freelancer. Then I created a really good pitch email, and emailed a bunch of people. This may sound tacky, but I go through my instagram and look for small businesses. Then I send them my pitch email and attach my resume & portfolio. Seriously it is as simple as that. After sending the initial email sometimes I hear back and we schedule a call, other times I don’t get anything back. It really just depends. That’s why I send a bunch of emails lol.

One of my awesome clients! Go check them out!

Some Tips

There have definitely been some tips I have learned along the way.

  1. Make sure you know what you’re talking about

-Not gonna lie, the first client I had was probably not that impressed with me. I knew what I was talking about a little, but I had never actually taught that to someone else.

2. Just Start

-This one kind of goes against my first tip, but you do have to start somewhere. Make sure you are as knowledgable as possible, and then go for it! You cannot get better until you start actually doing it.

3. Contract Baby

-Before you do any work make sure to have a contract in place. The best bet is to hire a lawyer to create a template contract for you, but if that’s not in the budget in the beginning there are loads of free templates online. Just make sure that you read everything, and that there are specific details about PAYMENT. Since we are independent contractors, there is no one guaranteeing our paychecks! šŸ™‚

4. Communicate

-One of the biggest things I have learned is that communication is key. You have to learn to communicate with your clients to make sure that you are meeting all their standards, and speak up when you are struggling with something.

5. Send a ton of emails

-When starting an agency or freelancing business reach out to everyone you know. Send lots of emails, visit your local businesses, go to networking events, etc. Make lots of connections. Connections often lead to clients!

I hope some of these tips were helpful/inspired you to start your own journey becoming self-employed! Feel free to email me if you know anyone that needs help with marketing. Marketing is seriously my love language lol.

Happy Tuesday. Have a great day babes.



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