How I Cleared My Skin

I would just like to start out by saying that this not a sponsored post at all. All of these opinions are mine. I am not a dermatologist by any means, I am just stating what worked for me. 🙂

O how we all love pimples. I mean all we have to do to not get pimples is drink lots of water, wash our face, and moisturize right? Lol I wish. I have always had decently clear skin, but I have very sensitive skin that often develops pimples. Most of the time they are caused by what I am putting on my face or environmental factors.

My Past Skin Care

Whenever I was a freshman in high school I began wearing makeup. The first foundation I ever bought was the Tarte Amazonian clay foundation. I love the brand, but this foundation is not the best for me. At the end of everyday when I would take off my makeup I would have more pimples. This was so frustrating for me. After I would take off my makeup I would apply rubbing alcohol to my face. This is so bad for your skin and I do not recommend it. Using rubbing alcohol would of course dry out my pimples, but it would make more pimples appear in its place.

From what I can gather I believe that my skin was trying to over compensate for my extremely dried out face by producing oil. This went on for about 6 months until I finally went to the dermatologist. She gave me this Jane Iredale line of makeup. It is all natural, but super low coverage. I honestly can say that I will not be purchasing it again. It has a very yellow tint to it that I do not find flattering, but that is besides the point. She also gave me an anti acne serum, clay face mask, and face wash that also dried out my skin. The dermatologist did not give me any face moisturizer. This did kind of scare me, because I have a long history of eczema. I tried the regimen she gave me for about a month. Nothing got better, and honestly it got a little worse.

My mom was always researching articles about acne, hopeful that she would figure out something that would help me. She stumbled upon this article that recommended this amazonian clay mask that you can get off amazon. At this point I was willing to try anything. Sadly, I did not take any before and after pictures, but I can reassure that I had amazing results. I am no dermatologist nor did I have extreme acne that cannot be cured by a simple face mask. I am just a teenage girl who was trying to get rid of a few reoccurring pimples lol. So I am well aware that this face mask is not for everyone, I am just saying what worked for me.

What I Use:


Click here for the link for this clay mask.



After a full day of wearing makeup I do not use makeup wipes to wipe the makeup off my skin. Makeup wipes contain all kinds of nasty chemicals that are not good for sensitive skin. Instead I apply a natural oil such as kuikui nut oil for example, and then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth. Right after I do that I either choose to wash my face with a natural face wash or do the face mask. I use the face mask about 4 times a week in the winter, and everyday during the summer. I leave it on until the face mask is completely dry.

The face mask is actually super cool because you can see all the stuff that has come up from your pores. After washing my face or using a face mask I moisturize. I moisturize using a liquid moisturizer called Ceramidin. It is by the brand Dr. Jart. It is really amazing and I highly recommend it for people with sensitive skin. There is also a cream version of the moisturizer, but I have found that it is too heavy and thick for my skin.


Here is the link for this moisturizer if you guys are interested.

After all that I call it good, it is actually a pretty short makeup routine if I do say so myself. O and I only do this at night. If I notice that my face is super dry I will apply moisturize in the morning as well, but for the most part all of this is done at night. I still occasionally get a pimple every once in a while, but ever since starting to use this my skin has been very clear.

I hope you all enjoyed! If you have any questions I would love to answer.



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