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How I Finally Got Rid of my Razor Burn

Razor burn, one of my worst enemies. I am someone that has very dark hair. all. over. So whenever I do not shave it is very apparent. Therefore, I shave each and every single day. Personally, having hair on my body just drives me nuts, I hate the feeling of it.

I started shaving when I was 12, and ever since then I have always struggled with razor burn. I remember one time specifically that I thought it was a good idea to dry shave with lotion. I had razor burn all up and down my legs. It was disastrous. Razor burn sucks especially when you have it in your armpits and around your bikini area. Those are both the areas that I suffer with most. I also get razor burn on the insides of the thighs, but it usually doesn’t bother me too much.

This past month I shaved and noticed that I had gotten terrible razor burn. I had these huge giant sores on the insides of my thighs towards my bikini line. I just kept putting rubbing alcohol on them in hopes that they would go away. This went on for about a week and they weren’t getting any better, if anything they were spreading. It honestly made me cry because of how bad my legs looked. So finally, I showed my mom and she immediately took me to the doctor the next day.

Doctors Orders

The next day I went to the doctor and he told me that I had a skin infection. More commonly known is impetigo. He said that I had shaved, bacteria had gotten in it, and it caused a very nasty infection. So he prescribed me with some antibiotics to kill the infection along with some topical cream.

While I was there he also shared with me how to prevent razor burn. I have been using these tips, and have not had any razor burn since. Like seriously…. none and it is amazing.


Get disposable razors and use a new one every time you shave. So that means after you use a razor, throw it away. This is the thing that shocked me the most, but it has made the biggest difference. I am a person that likes to save the earth and not waste, but I have learned that my health is also important. The reason for switching out razors each time is so that it doesn’t grow bacteria on it. Even your most expensive razors still grow bacteria on them after every use. Also, these razors provide a really close shave.

These razors are super cheap, and give me the best shave ever.

Here is the link to them!

Shaving Cream

Honestly, I do not use shaving cream all the time, sometimes I just use this natural soap that leaves my legs feeling o so soft. Just remember, that when you are shaving you are mowing the lawn, not trying to uproot the hairs completely. So light strokes lol, and this is coming from someone who has peeled her leg skin like a potato before.

This is the shaving cream I use.

Here is the link to the shaving cream.

Rubbing Alcohol or After Shave

In the past, I would have never put anything on my legs after I shaved except for lotion. It is crucial that you put either rubbing alcohol, apple cider vinegar, or after shave on them. This closes up the pores and kills the bacteria, which is what causes razor burn!!!

The best stuff ever.

The link to the after shave.

This is basically rubbing alcohol, it just has a few more added stuff. Rubbing alcohol works just as well if not better! The same goes for apple cider vinegar.

This is the link to the Tend Skin.

This is a link to just some basic rubbing alcohol lol.


Last but not least, lotion. Be sure to moisturize after you shave! This is also another very important step so don’t forget it. The rubbing alcohol tends to dry out skin, so you want to replenish that moisture.

This is the lotion that I use, but any lotion will do the job.

Here is the link to the lotion.

Honestly guys these tips changed the shaving game for me. I used to dream about getting laser hair removal so I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this. I might still get it one day, but for now at least I do not have to worry about razor burn anymore!!

Hope you guys are having a lovely day.



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  • Melissa

    Thanks for sharing. I also suffer from razor burn, this was very helpful. I was just using shaving cream. I never thought to use a different razor everytime and an aftershave lotion. I have to shave alot because I live in the south and or summer has already started. We skip spring.

    • katebillz

      So glad you found it helpful! The razors and after shave make the biggest difference. Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Katie

    Hey, love this! It’s a year after you posted this, so you’ll probably not answer, but do you use the post shave balm, and THEN use the lotion? I want to use the post shave balm because I’ve heard it’s amazing, just wasn’t sure if I need to put lotion on after too?

    • katebillz

      Yes! Personally, for me the post shave balm dries out my legs so I love to use lotion after it! But I would just do whatever you think is going to work best for you. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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