How I Finally Grew Out My Hair

Hi guys! I hope you all are having an amazing week. It has been off to a little bit of a rough start for me, but I still have plenty of week left to switch that around. Today, I am so excited to be sharing with you a little bit of my hair journey! I used to never be much of a hair person until I got older. All I used to be worried about was just making sure it was all attached to my head. Other than that, it didn’t really concern me too much. It wasn’t until this past year that I started to get really into it. I have always been head over heels for long hair. My hair has never been super short, but it has never been necessarily long either. I tend to stay at a medium length, but in this past year I have really gotten a desire to grow it out. This is how I finally grew out my hair.

How I Finally Grew My Hair

Nutrients whoop whoop

When I first got the desire to grow my hair out I immediately went to Google. One of the top recommendations on there is to increase your biotin intake. Obviously, you will wanna consult with your doctor first, but in most cases you’ll be good to add a biotin vitamin to your diet. This helped me tremendously! Not only did I take a vitamin, but the protein shakes I drink everyday give me so many other good nutrients. I truly think that is what has helped my hair the most. When you treat your body good, it gives you good things in return!

Don’t wash your hair????

I used to be an avid hair washer. Every single day I would wash my hair. It wasn’t until a few months ago I learned the importance of NOT washing your hair everyday. Here is an article going more in depth about the benefits/science behind it, but basically it strips your hair of its natural oils that help better it. Not having those natural oils can dry out your hair and scalp causing you to get dandruff, or split ends!

I first started out by washing my hair every three days. Now I go a week between washes. It was hard at first (I used a lot of dry shampoo), but now my hair has adjusted to it.

Whenever I do wash it I focus a lot on my scalp. Did you know that you aren’t supposed to actually scrub and wash your hair? You are supposed to scrub your scalp then simply let the soap run down your hair. It can actually be quite damaging to scrub your hair like that!

I live for this dry shampoo!

To Use Heat or Not To Use Heat?

Using heat is one of the known factors to cause damaged hair. I recommend learning some go-to no heat hairstyles. However, if you have to have your hair heat styled then not washing you hair everyday is a necessity. This will allow you to have your hair styled for longer. That way you might not have to put heat to it everyday, or as much heat!

When I am trying super hard to keep my hair healthy and happy I do heat about once every two weeks.

Always Air Dry

I know this may not always be possible, but air drying is one of the best and easiest ways to cut back on excess heat damage. It is so much healthier for you hair when you allow it to air dry. However, if you have to use a blowdryer then I recommend setting it on the coolest setting. That way you are using the least amount of heat as possible!

wet hair don’t care

Use Delicate Products in Your Hair

Used to I would use the tightest and roughest hair ties in my hair. This would cause my hair to break and get split ends. The same time I started my hair journey I switched over to using scrunchies and other more delicate hair ties.

Another thing is to check the ingredients of the products you are using. You want to make sure every time you wash your hair you are helping it out, not destroying it.

Right now I have been loving this hair mask! It also doubles as conditioner for me. I use it once a week when I wash my hair. As for shampoo, I switch it up based on the weather and how dry my scalp is. Typically, I switch between this shampoo and this shampoo.

Covering All the Bases

I think that pretty well covers all the bases. Some articles I read talked about sleeping on satin pillow cases, or using special towels when drying your hair. Personally, I haven’t partaken in either of those things, and I have still seen amazing results.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.



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