How I Got Rid Of My Razor Burn

Hi everyone! Believe it or not this is actually my most popular blog post ever, so I decided to do a new and improved one! I used to swear that as soon as I saved up enough money I was going to get laser hair removal. I used to have terrible razor burn, dark spots, you name it I probably struggled with it when it came to shaving. At one point or another my razor bumps started to always turn into impetigo. So finally it came to the point where I went to the doctor, and holy guacamole is that man a genius haha. He shared with me some tips that finally got rid of my razor burn.

I am going to start out by saying that no ones hair and skin is the same! I have super dark/thick hair and really sensitive skin. This is just what works for me! 🙂

Tip #1

This kind was my brothers old one that I just wanted to use up. I typically just use the cheap stuff!

If you aren’t using shaving cream, get some. I used to never use shaving cream, but man does it make a world of a difference. I used to just use soap and maybe conditioner lol, but shaving cream is so worth the couple extra dollars. Typically, I use just a generic cheap brand. Personally, I do not think that it irritates my legs since I am washing it right off no matter what kind I get.

Tip #2

Two words. Disposable razors. I know what you’re probably thinking……”those are going to tear the shit out of my legs!” that is exactly what I was thinking too, but it really doesn’t! You just have to remember that you’re trimming the lawn not trying to uproot your entire leg hair folicle lol. Disposing of your razor after every use assures that you aren’t spreading bacteria and other nasty germs. It’s about the same price as you would be spending on a normal razor. I think that a pack of 10 razors is a little over a dollar.

Tip #3

Use this magical solution after you shave. I don’t know what it is about what is in this bottle, but it works wonders. It is so much better than just straight rubbing alcohol (but you can also just use that). The purpose of using this or rubbing alcohol after you shave is to kill the bacteria and close up your pores. Razor burn is actually caused by bacteria getting into your pore, so doing this really helps to prevent that! I just apply it with a cotton ball.

Tip #4

Lotion, lotion, lotion. After drying your legs out with the rubbing alcohol solution it is super important to moisturize. Keep those legs feeling silky smooth, ya feel?

no more strawberry legs

This isn’t really a tip, but I have been loving these exfoliating cubes! They smell good enough to it and feel so good on the skin. I use them about 2x a week. 🙂

Hope this helps you guys!

Thanks for reading.



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