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How I Quit Bloating & Fixed My Gut Health

As I typed this I just polished off a bowl of cereal. Balance right? Actually, balance is part of the reason I fixed my gut & digestion health. I used to fall into the terrible habit of extreme dieting, then binge eating. Sound familiar? I did this until about five months ago when Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living was brought to my attention.

This chick messaged me on instagram sharing with me about it, and I honestly did it to just because I hate saying no to people. I honestly cringed as I handed her my card info and got my confirmation email. A week later I was in my first 30 Day Challenge.

The Lo-Down On The 30 Days

Before I go into details about the challenge I will give you a little background of myself before the challenge. I had some rough skin issues, my armpits would get rashes, eczema, impetigo at even the smallest scratch, headaches constantly, chronic bloating, terrible pms, fixed my gut & digestion health, anxiety, daily naps, and the list goes on.

So the 30 Days To Healthy Living (DTHL) for short is a 30 day challenge where you follow a certain way of eating and implement arbonnes products. All of the products are vegan, plant based, and 100% allergen free. That way you can eliminate all allergens from your diet and maybe discover that your body works better without them even if you aren’t technically allergic to them.

The products included on the 30DTHL are:

  • fizz sticks- all natural energy, full of vitamins, mix with water, b12
  • digestion plus- the holy grail for gut & digestion health, pre & probiotics, enzymes break down carbs, protein fat, fiber, and lactose to support nutrient absorption
  • detox tea- supports kidney & liver function, flushes out toxins, regulates cholesterol, promotes weight loss, caffeine free, 9 botanicals, regulates blood sugar
  • protein-20 grams of plant based pea protein, full of vitamins, balances blood sugar, easy to digest, gluten free
  • greens balance-provides a rainbow of fruits & veggies, contains probiotics, fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants
  • body cleanse- increases ph levels, gently cleanses/detoxes organs
  • & a free git- free gift from our amazing list!!!
The best product for digestion!

Okay and now a little bit of the science behind the 30 days. 70% of diseases actually root from our gut, so when we clean that up we see an array of amazing benefits. Also, our little happiness hormone serotonin is made in our gut, so what we eat directly impacts our mental state. I know I mentioned this above, but removing all those allergens from our diet like soy, gluten, and dairy, really helps to eliminate all risks of your body reacting to them.

In addition, to all the amazing benefits you can plan to save lots of money! This challenge comes with 60 meals, and enough drinks to cover your coffee, soda, energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages for an entire month. It also comes with grocery plans, eating guides, support group, and your own personal group! The best thing is you can still get access to the group full of good info even after your challenge is over! Which is worth the price just in itself. 🙂

Now onto the amazing benefits. Some of the benefits I saw were weight loss, better sleep, clearer skin, sooooo much energy, stopped bloating, so much happier, reduced anxiety, no more heart burn, and you guys I seriously just feel so amazing. Everyday I still implement all these products into my life, because I seriously love them so much!!!

Here are some results that people other than myself have seen: no more anxiety & depression meds, acid reflux gone, no more diabetes medication, skin diseases cleared up, autoimmune disease gone, helped balance nutrients while doing chemo, balanced blood sugar, lowered cholesterol levels, and soooo many more you guys. This program is for real. These results are real.

It is time to start taking care of your self!! If you aren’t taking care of your health now you are going to be forced to take care of it in the future. Just imagine all the doctor bills and medication that you will be saving by starting your health journey now. This is not a fad diet you guys, it is a way to create lifelong health habits, which is priceless in my eyes. This program is life. changing.

It has changed my life, and I guarantee that it will change yours too. We literally have a 45 day money back guarantee, because we are so confident that you will love it. Instead of going to Walmart or GNC to buy your nutrition products, and supporting those business. Buy them from my small business and get pure, safe, and beneficial products.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but it is genuinely so much more. I get to help so many people change their lives through this challenge and I want you to be next.

Email me for more information!!!-!!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you are all having an amazing day.



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