How I Started Working With Brands as a Small Blogger

Ever since I started my blog back in January, I have been dreaming for the day that a brand would send me free stuff or even pay me to do a sponsored post! Last month, that dream came true!

How it Happened

The company Rovlet reached out to me and asked if I would like to work with them on reviewing some swimsuits. This post is not sponsored by them at all lol they just sent me some free stuff lol.

Since it the first time a company asked me to do a review, and I do not have the biggest following (yet) lol. I decided not to ask for any money and instead just do the review in exchange for the free swimsuits.

They sent me two swimsuits in exchange for a post on instagram. They didn’t give me a time frame or anything like that, but obviously I went ahead and took pictures as soon as I received them!

Honestly, I do like the swimsuits, I think I would compare them to Zaful swimsuits. However, these swimsuits seem to be a lot better quality than zaful swimsuits.

Check these photos out over on my instagram @daysofkatee

If you decide to purchase these swimsuits I would probably size up in the one above. I don’t know if you can tell or not but the top is a littleeeee on the small side haha.

This swimsuit fits great and I cannot wait to wear it to the lake and pool this summer!

But That’s Not All!

After I received that email I was so excited and thought I would reach out to one of my dream companies, Alani Nu. I asked them if they would like to send me some things. I know that this sounds totally tacky or whatever word you want to call it, but a lot of influencers do this! And being kind of new to this whole thing I wanted to see if I could as well. 🙂

I was very polite and simply told them who I was, a couple of my statistics, and sent them a link to my blog. They wrote back and said yes, that they would love to send me some things! They told me I could pick out whatever items I wanted. All I chose was their sno cone flavored pre workout.

They gladly sent me that along with the companies famous “Balance” vitamins. I have been using the pre workout and really like it so far! I will be sure and post a full review for the pre workout and vitamins if you guys would be interested in that.

Also, the company did not ask for anything in return, even though I offered to do a post on them. All they said was I could use a hashtag if I wanted to! How nice!!

So if you are a new blogger just know that the sponsored posts and things like that will come! Just keep working hard and staying positive. Or if you are a brand and looking for someone to sponsor I would be more than happy to lol. 😉

Hope you guys are having a great day.

Thanks for reading. 🙂



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