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How Quitting Coffee Gave Me More Energy

Hello all my favorite people. Today I am brining you a post that I have wanted to talk about for a while now. Coffee. The lifeline for most people. That warm drink in the morning, that makes you wake up even by just smelling it. Coffee started to become not only something I enjoyed drinking, but something I was obsessed with. Morning-coffee, afternoon-coffee, evening-coffee, feeling sad-coffee, feeling happy-coffee. I am sure you get the point, I used to drink a lot of coffee. Until one day I joined this amazing business called Arbonne, and today I am going to share with you how I quit drinking coffee and how it has given me more energy than ever before.

Why I Quit Coffee

So as I stated in the paragraph above I started my own business with Arbonne. Arbonne is very well known for having this program called the 30 Days To Healthy Living. During the 30 days you cut out all allergens from your diet, and one of those including coffee. I know, sounds like death right? I would love to tell you that it was sunshine & rainbows, but it the beginning it was really hard. I had some of the worst caffeine headaches I have ever experienced before. Some that would literally wake me up in the middle of the night crying. After about a week of that though, they stopped. And I started to feel better and better and better.

I feel like coffee completely controls us. Most people cannot do anything with having a cup of coffee first. Honestly, I don’t even know why I was drinking that much coffee, because I get a good amount of sleep every night lol.

What I Do Instead

Since I was giving up my beloved coffee I did not want to have to give up my morning ritual of having a comforting drink. So I switched my coffee up for a nice hot cup of caffeine free detox tea. It is so yummy and makes me happy knowing that I am putting good stuff in my body. Also, after I drink 32oz of water in the morning I have a fizz stick. A fizz stick is something that I sell! It is an all natural energy packet that you mix with water. All the caffeine in it is derived from green tea leaves and loads of vitamins. They are so good for you and taste amazing. They don’t give you a crash, and one can easily last you several, several hours. I have a lot of nurses who love using them during their long night shifts!

I have seriously had the most energy than I have ever had before. I no longer need daily naps, or loads of caffeine. I have enough energy that I WANT to work out, not just taking pre workout in hopes it’ll give me liquid motivation.

How You Can Do It Too

If you’re still reading this you may want to try to quit coffee too. I am telling you, you will seriously have so much more energy! If you don’t want to go cold turkey like I did, I recommend just cutting it down to one cup a day, then to half a cup, then obviously none. Drink loads and loads of water! I started drinking a gallon a day and have never felt better!!! If you start getting headaches I recommend putting some essential oils on your forehead, or if worse comes to worse pop a small painkiller.

Drink something instead of coffee! I would have not been able to do this without my hot tea, and fizz sticks. They make me feel so good, and give me so many amazing vitamins & nutrients.

If you are thinking about trying to quit coffee shoot me an email or connect with me on instagram- @daysofkatee, I would love to help you change your life!!!

Thanks for reading.


Kate 🙂

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  • Miri

    Soda isn’t an issue for me but coffee? Oooh yess! I can not imagine to quit it and you are right when you say that it controls us. It’s super interesting to read how you felt after quitting it. In general I also take breaks from coffee for a couple of weeks before I start again to make sure my “addiction” does not get out of hands.

    lots of love, Miri

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