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How to Build Your Self-Confidence

Last week I had a young girl reach out to me, and asked for some tips on how to get her self confidence up. Her asking that immediately brought back feelings of how I felt when I was her age. I struggled a lot when I was younger. The way I was raised was absolutely perfect, but that didn’t change the effects that society had on me. Since I know a lot of people struggle with self-confidence I wanted to make this post and share some things that have really helped me.

Declutter Your Life

A lot of my insecurities sparked from social media. I highly recommend to unfollow all of the accounts that make you second guess yourself. I am not saying to delete your social media, because that is not realistic, but unfollow the accounts that make you feel bad.

Clean Up the Inside

Our bodies are precious things, and we are only given one in this life. Make sure that you take good care of it. Get active by doing things that you love. Dancing in your room, stretching, going to workout classes, etc. Do anything that gets your heart beating and makes you happy. Working out boosts serotonin & dopamine levels which naturally make us happy, and have more confidence. Also, if you eat good foods your body will treat you good in return. You don’t have to stick to a strict diet, but try to avoid the foods that you notice make you feel bad. Chances are that if you feel bad on the inside, it won’t make you feel too good on the outside either.

Personal Development is Everything

I have come to learn that it feels so incredible to be taking in new information that challenges our thoughts. I owe all my personal growth to podcasts and incredible books that I have read. You can find some of my favorites here. Seriously, click this link and start listening to this book. If it doesn’t fire up something inside of you, I don’t know what will.

Affirm Affirm Affirm

A year ago I got a journal and every morning I began writing down my affirmations and what I am grateful for. Seriously do this every morning. It may seem like a tedious task at first, but it helps so much. Writing my affirmations down makes me feel like those words are the truth. Here are a few of mine:

I am Worthy.

I am Strong.

I am Loving.

I am Successful.

I am Healthy.

I am Wealthy.

I am Changing Lives.

You are Amazing

God put you on this earth for a reason. You have so many amazing talents and are achieving so many amazing things. God doesn’t make mistakes. No one notices the insecurities you have. Put on your favorite outfit, move your body with love, feed it good food, and go kick some ass. You got this.



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