How To Create Viral Pinterest Graphics

Whenever I first started blogging I could never find any blog posts that showed me how to create Pinterest graphics. You know like the ones you always see on Pinterest that usually go viral? Yeah, I really wanted to learn how to make one of those. None of my pins have ever gone super viral yet, but I have had several that get seen by thousands of people.

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I am pretty sure I first heard of canva from a blog post I found on Pinterest. Ever since then I have been using it. I have definitely gotten a lot better and now I am going to give you a little tutorial on how to make a Pinterest graphic!

Here are a few examples of what I have done. Sometimes I make my own and then other times I use the Pinterest templates that they already have set up.

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The first two are already preset templates while the last two are ones I designed on my own.

How To Use Canva

First things first is to go to the official website that you can find here. I just use the free version of canva. One day I will probably buy the premium version but that day has not come yet.

This is the homepage you see when you first log on. On the left hand side you have a toolbar with all your designs, photos, and various other things that I haven’t really looked into if I am being honest lol.

When you first get on the page you have a drop down search bar so that you get search for any type of template you want.

Since I am making a graphic for Pinterest I always choose the Pinterest one. Those templates are longer in size and have it to where you can insert words, pictures, and different designs.

But If you wanted to start from scratch you would click the “Create A Design” button on the top left. In this post I am not going to be showing you how to do that, but if you would like a post like that comment down below and let me know!

When you click on the Pinterest template option this is the page that pulls up. It has several templates you can choose from on the left and then a blank page on the right.

This is the design I chose to work with!

And then this is the finished product! I changed the picture, words, and colors! You can change all of those things up at the top!

I also added a slight twist on it by changing the design of the rectangle and adding in the diamonds!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!! If you would like more posts like this let me know! Hope you guys are all having a great day.



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