How To Do Well In College – For The School Hater

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How To Survive College: written by a person who hates it

If you guys have been following me for a while you may have picked up on the fact that I dislike school a lotttttt, but recently I just decided that I have to go through it either way so I need to just buck up and do it well. So in deciding that I have figured out a couple things that motivate me to study, do my homework, etc!

First things first is to figure out your “why.” Like why are you doing this, or why do you need this. Once you figure that out it becomes a lot easier to get motivated, and the stronger your why the more motivated you will be.

Personally, my why is to help educate myself, so that I can have my own successful business. Also, so that I will always have an education to fall back on that I can support my future family with.

One thing that turned me off when I first started classes is the study time. If you take a 3 credit hour class, the recommended time that you are supposed to work on it outside of class is 6 hours a week. So if you are taking 6 classes like me that is literally 18 hours a week, just studying. Like wtf who has time for that? I found it a lot easier if I cut down on that time a little and break it up into smaller chunks. Typically, I think it is best if you spend 30 minutes on every class you take every week night. Obviously, depending on your skill level or ability to retain information, adjust accordingly.

Another good thing to do is fill your week & weekends with things you enjoy doing. It really helps to have something to look forward too and motivate you to finish the week off strong. Rather that be lunch with a friend on a Wednesday afternoon, or just spending uninterrupted time with loved ones. I find that my favorite time is when I spend quality time with friends and family. That means getting all my school work/work done and just unplugging for a while. This is so crucial to having energy and motivation to get up and do your daily dos.

Also, make friends in your classes. It never hurts to have a good friend to talk with!

Speaking of friends, here is my beloved Ali.

Pay attention!!! I know it sucks, but it helps a lot if you actually retain a little bit of information that is taught to you. School is so much more enjoyable when you do well at it, rather than fail every test & worksheet you get.

Honestly, those are the best tips I have for you guys today! In addition, a good tip is to be positive. It really does help to have a positive mindset on things! And if you really don’t like school, just try to be there the least amount of time as possible haha! I mean obviously attend your classes, but don’t feel like you have to go to every sports event or function if you don’t want to.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading!



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