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How to Get Rid of Body Acne

For me this is kind of an awkward topic, but everyone struggles with it. Especially for people who enjoy working out and being active. Sweating tends to clog pores a lot. I never really started getting body acne until I was older. I don’t know if these tips will work for everyone, but it’s what worked well for me!

Don’t apply heavy lotion– I have eczema and acne prone skin. It is the weirdest combination. I only put on lotion in places where I do not get acne. Which is basically my forearms, legs, and lower back. I do not apply lotion on my shoulders, upper arms, or upper back. I have found that it clogs my pores more. If you do however think your acne is due to dry skin then I recommend just applying a non comedogenic moisturizer. My favorite is Jergens lotion.

Use a very basic body wash– Do not get a body wash or soap based on how it smells. I have found that those types of body washes clogs pores. I recommend finding a non comedogenic wash or some sort of natural soap to wash your body with.

Use a loofa or a scrub brush– I used to never use something to scrub my body. I would only use soap. One day my mom brought home a scrub brush and it changed everything. I recommend scrubbing your back, arms, chest, and back. It really helps to unclog your pores.

Don’t wear tight fitting clothing– Whenever I wear I super tight sports bra I always get pimples where the straps are. I switched to some looser fitting sports bras that are made of cotton and I have not had problems since!

Acne Serum– At times I will get some pesky pimples that are hard to get rid of. I just put a little of the serum on before bed and then in the morning it is all dried up.

I hope that these things work for you. If you have any tips that work for you guys leave them down below!




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