How to Get Rid of Chub Rub Bumps Overnight

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. The other day I was thinking and you know what one of the most annoying things is? Chub rub. I am sure we all know those annoying little bumps that pop up from having our thighs rub together. This happens to me so much, especially during the hot summers. Something about being sweaty makes it so much worse. Also, I can hardly ever find any clothes that help to not give me bumps! Man the life of a woman lol. However, since I have been dealing with this for quite some time, I have found a few solutions to get rid of it overnight. I am still on the quest to prevent it in the first place, so if any of you know any fixes be sure to comment them down below! Because sadly I do not think I will be getting a thigh gap anytime soon, and I am okay with that.

Setting the Scene

So here I am just minding my own business, running (mostly walking) along. The next thing I know, I start to feel some pain on my upper thighs. I stop, look, and realize that there is now an entire patch of bumps on my legs. Ughhhh. I cut my workout short and return home trying to figure out a way to get rid of them.

Tip #1

Get rid of your razor burn. I have found that having razor burn makes chub rub a lot worse. Razor burn is also one of those things I wish never existed. I already made a post on how to get rid of razor burn, so you can read that here.

Tip #2

I have fallen in love with this stuff called Tend Skin. It is from amazon, and you put it on wherever you get razor burn or other annoying skin issues. I wear baggy shorts to bed and apply it right before I lie down for the night. It will help to dry the area up. Wicking away the moisture that is one of our issues for said chub rub (such an unfortunate name).

Tip #3

Every once in a while I sneak upon some gems of products. The product I am referring to that gets rid of my chub rub is called Skin Repair Cream. It is an oil based cream and holy guacamole. It is a life saver. I apply it all over my bumps and other areas that have been affected, and when I wake up it is all gone. Truly amazing. It is also an organic, and plant based cream. Making it very safe for you and if you happen to have any littles running around. From what I can understand, it works by alerting your skin that there is an issue that needs fixing.

I tried to show a picture of mine without getting too personal. You can see a few of my bumps and rub marks. For reference this is my inner left thigh (insert laughing emoji here).

Anyways besides having to deal with chub rub life has been pretty great. I hope things are going well for all of you too!

Keep being awesome.



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