How To Handle An Age Gap In A Relationship

Hi guys! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend. Today I wanted to jump on here and share with you guys what it is like to have an age gap in a relationship. I am gonna be totally transparent with you guys during this post lol no judgement!

The Background Of The Relationship

My boyfriend and I have been dating since around the beginning of June, so just about 3 months ish, but we have been talking much longer than that. My boyfriends name is Levi btw, so I am just going to refer to him as that from now on. If you do not know I am 18 and he is 23, so about 5 years difference.

Levi and I have been snapchatting since about July of 2018. We met in kind of an odd way lol. I was actually hanging out with one of his friends when all the boys decided to get together. Since I was already hanging out with said guy I went ahead and tagged along.

“Just a little side note- I was scrolling through my quick add on snapchat one day, if you have snapchat you know what I am talking about. I saw this guys name and added him thinking it was someone else, but turns out it wasn’t that guy I was thinking about and it was really Levi!

So that night I hardly talked at all and ended up leaving at like 11 pm. That evening when I got home the guy who I added on snapchat added me back.

A few days later I got a snapchat from the guy (Levi) and recognized that it was one of said guys friends that I was hanging out with. So you guys know how it goes we began to snapchat and he would also occasionally come see me at work! We never really hung out because he knew that his parents would not like it and I knew that mine would not approve of it either.

There were a few rough patches in the time we were just talking. Most of them due to just me not understanding why he wanted to wait to date. Obviously now I understand that you gotta keep it legal lol.

Once we started dating I began to go over to his house and he of course began to come over to mine. I know that everyone’s situation is different, I happen to have pretty relaxed parents thankfully. So they do not think that 5 years is that big of a deal. Levi’s parents were a little concerned at first, but we get along so well now, and I love being around them!

Hard Stuff

Every relationship that you get in will obviously have some things you have to work around. This isn’t really a problem in our relationship it just kind of sucks lol, but Levi is over the drinking age and I am not.

He is a very sociable guy and enjoys drinking. Nothing wrong with it, but since I am under the age of 21 I cannot partake in drinking activities, or going out to bars, etc! It isn’t really that big of an issue just kind of sucks sometimes.

Another thing that can get awkward is when I go hang out with him and his older friends. I am a sociable person, and can get along with pretty well anyone, but it can be a little awkward at first.

It’s All Up To You In The End

I have always been one to go after older guys, I like to think that I am mature for my age, so guys my age never attracted me. I enjoy being around people who have their shit together, so naturally I go for the older ages.

Personally, for me I see nothing wrong with dating people who are a few years older. Obviously you just need to see what works for you. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people, Levi and his family included. Levi and I honestly get along so well and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I am not really sure why I wrote this post, I just figured that some of you may be in the same boat. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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  • Madeline

    I have a 5-year difference with my boyfriend as well, and I never saw it as a problem 🙂 I was 19 and him 24 when we started dating, and now it’s 5 years later and I honestly can’t tell a difference in maturity or anything. I think past a certain age, numbers really don’t matter anymore 🙂

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