I Changed My Major A THIRD Time

Hi everyone! Welcome to another update on my life. And yes you read that title correctly. I just changed my college major for the 3rd time lol yikes! First it was nursing, then business, and now social work. I think I have finally found a keeper!!! Also, good news my next semester my classes are almost all completely online besides a few hybrid ones, so that means more time for Kate to work! whoop whoop. In addition, I will graduate with two associate degrees after my summer classes are done.

coolest water ever

So if you’re a college student reading this, just know that it is okay to change your major! 🙂 And not know what you’re doing with your life, because I still struggle with that daily. Now that we are on the topic of struggling, I feel like I have been on the struggle bus this entire year. This year has been filled with the lowest of lows I have ever reached, but also some pretty awesome achievements.

The summer was amazing, but now I just feel like I have been non stop struggling. I apologize to you guys, because usually when I am feeling bad the first thing that suffers is my blog. So I sincerely apologize about that, I would love to say that the posts will go back to normal soon but who really knows. I honestly struggle on the daily sometimes, so I hope you enjoy my life updates!

Also, since I started college money has been something that is constantly on my mind. Anyone that owns their own business knows that there are lots of constant expenses, and also some months where you make little to no money. I am dealing with that right now, and really questioning if my business is worth it or not. I know that it is probably just my mindset, and I really need to get on top of that.

On The Bright Side

On the bright side of things I have been slowly losing some inches off my stomach, and so excited in the direction my health is going! I have been loving my daycare job and still look forward going there, and since I am switching to online school I will be able to work more! O and it is actually Halloween today guys so happy Halloween. I treated myself to some Hershey kisses, yum!

I am trying to think if anything else is knew. Hmm my weeks typically consist of school, Arbonne, work, Levi, hanging with friends and family, more arbonne, more school, and more work haha. So nothing too crazy, but I only have 4 weeks of my semester left!!!! Hell yeah. Then I get a month of break, yippee!!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I will be back soon with some more posts, pinky promise.



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