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I Changed My Mind About College

This past week it was time to finally go apartment shopping. On Tuesday, my mom and I took off and went and visited a few apartments near the college I had planned to attend.

Apartment Shopping

The first apartment I went to was about $750 a month and a little less than fabulous. I didn’t feel very safe around the area and the apartments were not very nice.

The second apartment we viewed was $850 a month and everything we wanted! It was a nice area, came furnished, and had tons of other amenities! The only thing was it was very expensive. That $850 didn’t even include all the bills.

That is a little expensive for two college students. My brother was going to live with me too btw, he is also going back to school! I am blessed with an incredible mom and she said that she would pay a bit of our rent, but still that was leaving us with like $300 to pay each month.

So after I saw that apartment I started stressing about how I wouldn’t have any time. I was signed up to take 16 credit hours, have a job, continue to work my Arbonne business, and maintain my blog on top of all that! My mind started going crazy wondering how I was going to balance all of that, because obviously I still want to have a social life too!

After visiting those two apartments we were also scheduled to view another one, but first we had to stop by the campus to take care of a couple things. As my mom and I were walking across campus she asked me if I was excited to go, and honestly not a bone in my body was excited.

I didn’t even know the day school started, because I did not want to think about it at all. I had a feeling that once school started I would hate it and want to drop out.

My mom asked me if I would feel more comfortable going to a local junior college and still living at home for one year. The minute she said that a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I am so happy with the decision I made to take that route instead. In one year I will have my associates degree, so after that I will then decided what’s next.

I will be sure to keep ya updated throughout the school year telling you how its going! 🙂

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