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Hi friends! Long time no talk. School started last week, so I did take a week off to see how things were going to go, but I think I can still easily balance everything. All my classes are online and I still work everyday, I am just trying my best to balance it all. I thrive off of being busy, so I am honestly loving every minute of it! One of my newest endeavors has been starting my own business. I am so so excited about it, and I cannot wait to share, lets dive in!

Optimum Rise Marketing

Optimum rise marketing. At first I wasn’t a huge fan of the name, but I wanted something that sounded professional. I loved all the names like Bloom Marketing, or Rise up marketing, but everyone said those sounded a tad girly. Honestly, I am still glad someone suggested Optimum Rise Marketing. The name has really grown on me.

Marketing Agency

If you were wondering just exactly what it is, it is a marketing agency! Right now I am an agency of one lol, but maybe one day I will have several employees. Since my client list is not very long right now I manage everything by myself.

What do I do?

Basically I offer marketing/social media services. I have a few different plans that you can choose from. I have a social media plan only, where I solely handle all the social media accounts. Also, I have plans where I can do everything. Run the website, do social media, run ads, handle influencer work, etc. Since I am still a very small business I am pretty open to anything anyone would like me to do.

Why does anyone need a marketing agency?

Believe it or not, marketing agencies are quite handy for businesses. Outsourcing marketing through an agency is way cheaper than hiring an employee. Also, in order to stay competitive agencies are always staying up to date on the latest trends/marketing strategies.

There ya have it! I just officially started it two weeks ago, and it has been nothing but wonderful since. I am accepting clients, so if you know of any small businesses needing some help, feel free to send them my way! 🙂

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