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Hey guys! Welcome to another week of quarantine. I hope you guys are all staying sane and enjoying some quality time. This is the perfect time to hopefully complete some things you have wanted to for a while! Speaking of completing new things, I have been on my game of creating content for you guys! This is my second week of posting a blog post (small victories haha), I posted a youtube video, and I even started a podcast! Yes, you heard me right, a podcast. Feel free to go check it out on Spotify and Apple Music at Business with Kate! As for the rest of this post, just enjoy some good ol life updates!

Life Happens

Getting some of the small stuff out of the way, I have been feeling so much better. This quarantine I think has actually been really good for me and my mental health. It has given me a chance to slow down and really take the time read and do things I wouldn’t normally take the time to do. I actually just got done reading the book “Mind Hacking.” It is super awesome and I highly recommend it. My medicine has been helping quite a bit, but I have also been taking some serotonin synthesizer vitamins. I recommend doing your own research, but they have helped me out tremendously. 🙂


I know that I am a bit late to the game, but TikTok has become one of my newest obsessions. I don’t know why, but there is just something wonderful about those 15-60 second short videos. Also, I may or may not be partaking in making some of the videos. Haha feel free to go check out my account @daysofkatee.

I Got Scammed

Another thing that has happened to me recently is that I got scammed…… I am on the freelance website Upwork. It is basically just a website where you can apply to jobs. I applied to a social media manager position, and got the job. I got interviewed, accepted, signed a contract, and was beginning to get set up to start work on Monday. The contract I signed was very official looking and I did not see any signs that pointed that this was a scam. The only thing that was suspicious, was that they did not ask me to fill out a tax form.

I was communicating with this man named Zachary. He was sending me a check through email to buy office supplies, so I could start work on Monday. The checks that I received were real, but it was odd that he sent them to me through email and only allowed me to mobile deposit them. Struggling to deposit them through the app I went to the bank. The bank then proceeded to tell me that they could not get ahold of the company I was supposedly working for in order to confirm the check. I went home, super confused with everything going on until my bank called me and informed me that it was a scam.

I was honestly so devastated. The job was going to be working from home, had great benefits, and paid $30 an hour. So yeah it kind of sounds too good to be true, but I am a positive person and somehow just thought that I had attracted this, but it was all fake. This is the first time that something like this has ever happened to me. Thank god I didn’t give out any information or anything like that. Just be safe out there friends, and look out for things like this!


Other than that I have pretty much been going about my life as normal. I try throughout the week to follow my usual routine of working out, working, going outside, reading, and working some more. I find peace in routines.

I think that is about all of the updates!

Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you all had an amazing easter season.



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  • Lindsay

    Ugh! That sucks that you got scammed. Had you given up your job working at the daycare for this position too? Also, I always come to everything with the belief of “trust but verify”. I personally started a job a year ago next month for a Large Bank here in the midwest and it always felt too good to be true so I waited until the last possible moment to resign from my other job so I could make sure that everything was for real before giving up a sure thing! Do you think there could have been some other signs that you were being scammed before you finally had the bank intervene? I am just trying to think of how you can protect yourself in the future!
    p.s. How is your area being affected by Corona? Are you still able to finish your degree? Are you guys under shelter at home orders? What’s the highlight of your day these days??

    • katebillz

      No, thankfully I had not left my daycare job! There were probably some signs that I should have noticed, but I was honestly just so excited I didn’t even think twice. I will definitely be on the lookout for those things from now on. Currently, in my area we are at a stay-at-home order. All my schooling has gone 100% online. I just try to stick with my routine as best as possible, I thrive off of being productive!

      Thank you so much for your comment! How are things going for you?

      • Lindsay

        Well I am so glad that you still have another job especially during these very uncertain times. I personally work in risk & compliance as a I mentioned, for a large bank, so I am always thinking about the possible risks in every situation. Fortunately banks are heavily regulated so my job is pretty secure during these times and is probably the only thing keeping me sane. I mean I did go a little crazy when the closed the gyms and took away the coffee shops (besides the drive-thru which isn’t quite the same). So I have been spending the last week trying to find/create a new normal schedule which has been interesting. I have also been doing my fair share of online shopping and even bought myself a peloton bike so I can workout at home too! Have you created a new normal? How are you working out these days? Do you prioritize getting out of the house daily?

  • Dr Phil

    Try adding into your diet mushrooms that were exposed to sunlight or to UV light.
    They taste great and are a natural source very rich in vitamin D. Sometimes Krueger cares it, but you can also do it yourself as a new hobby!

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