Meet My Family

I have been struggling today guys lol. My goal was to have this post up by 5pm, but now it is 5:05 pm and word press is just now deciding to work. O well, it is all good now!

The other day I realized that I have never really told you guys about my family. I know that I mention them here or there, but I figured it would be nice if I introduced them to you! I hope you enjoy!

The Fam

Enjoying some nice Mcallisters.

This is my dad! His name is Justin and he is pretty great.


He is not a very smily person lol.

This picture is about three years old.

That is my mom in the middle! She is a preschool teacher, and has a heart of gold. This picture was taken a while back, I think that we took it because we were all matching. Lol how cute.

Logan’s “suitcase”
This isn’t a very flattering picture, but it is one out of the few pics we have together lol

Pictured above is Logan. He is the oldest one out of us kids. I am actually going to be his roommate at college in the fall. That will definitely be an experience. Logan moved out a little less than a year ago, he only lives about 30 minutes away. So I usually try to go and seem him once a week. He is a total goober and very single! So if anyone is looking for a fun 23 year old boyfriend you can hit him up ;)! Jk (maybe)

Prom last year
Dance competition last year

That is Sarah! We have so many pictures together. Sarah and I are twins, and have practically shared everything since birth! It has definitely been a rocky road at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is kind of the opposite of me. Sarah is going to a different college in the fall so we will be separated for the first time EVER. It will definitely be different not always having her around. But of course I will go and visit!

Isaac is the youngest out of all of us. He turned 13 in January. Isaac is always doing sports or running around. He is super into baseball and basketball and hopes to play for Duke one day! He tends to get on my nerves quite a bit, but I guess that is your typical 13 year old.

My Dogs

This is Hazel, she is a mastiff/boxer
This is max, he is a shnauzer/shih tzu
This is Rosco, he is a German shepherd/ we aren’t sure lol
This is Millie, she is a shnauzer/yorkie

All our dogs are adopted from rescue places! They all stay inside and are loved o so much!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little sweet post. I could talk about my dogs alllllll day long lol.

Hope you are having a great day! 🙂



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