My Awesome First Month of Blogging Review

A month ago from today I decided to take a leap of faith and make my own website. I pondered for a long time on what I should name it. I came up with DaysofKate. I am obsessed with watching vlogs and reading about peoples lives. I am really into trying to become the best version of myself, so I love to read about what other people do as motivation.

When creating this blog I knew I wanted to create a website that made people feel happy and inspired. Even though I may not have the best writing skills, this is something that I have found I truly love doing. This blog has brought me so much happiness in this past month, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

When first starting my blog I sat it up with bluehost and purchased the middle option I believe. After that, I started a Pinterest account and started writing posts. I have learned so much in this month its crazy. My first couple posts were a bit rough, but I am learning!

A couple things I’ve learned

  • Take good quality pictures– Even if you don’t have a camera, try your best to take good quality photos that you would want to repin on Pinterest! That is the main thing I try to focus on when taking pictures. Is it pretty? & Would I want to pin this on Pinterest?
  • Use canva– It’s a free website that allows you to put words on your photos. Personally, I have found that my pins do better when they don’t have words on them, but this is a great site to use!
  • Use tailwind!!!– OMG I cannot stress this enough! Get tailwind!! It does cost a little in the beginning because you buy a years membership at a time, but it is so worth it. It’s a little confusing at first, but after watching a tutorial or two I had it down pact. It schedules pins for you, so that you won’t have to manually pin all your pins! I know this doesn’t sound awesome, but it totally is. I guarantee your monthly views will go up an insane amount. Mine went up to 177k views in just one month!
  • Focus on two main forms of social media– Do not try to overwhelm yourself and try to be active on every single platform. For me I like to stick with instagram and Pinterest. They are my absolute favs. You can find my instagram @daysofkatee. My Pinterest is @daysofkate
  • Interact with other bloggers– Read, comment, and follow other peoples blogs. This is essential when starting out your blog. This is one of the ways you will find your loyal readers!
  • Include your website when commenting– When I say this, I don’t mean just comment your website name on random peoples blog and instagram posts. I mean that after you read the blog post, leave a nice comment and then include your website address.
  • Use– For the most part I recommend taking and using your own photos, but if you are in a time crunch or something this website has great photos that are free to download! Just make sure to give credit when you use it! 🙂
  • Post quality content– This is different for everyone. Some people like to post short posts everyday. Others, like to only post once or twice a week. I try to aim for 4x a week. I try my best to make my posts something I would enjoy reading. A good word of advice is, if you can’t read your own blog post after you write it, no one else probably will either.
  • Don’t put ads on your blog– This is just a matter of opinion, but I don’t like ads. I think that they make a website look cluttered and I just find it to be more personable without them. But, don’t get me wrong there are some amazing blogs that have ads on them out there. So, if that is what you prefer go for it!
  • Interact with people who comment– This is pretty self explanatory, but be sure that you interact with your readers!
  • Use affiliate links– So far I have not made any money off these, but they are a win win situation! All you do is link things you like, and if someone purchases something using the link, then you may receive a small commission for it. Its great! Be sure to leave a disclaimer on the post if you use some!

Monthly Statistics

Right now my current Pinterest monthly view is 177k monthly views. On instagram I have 137 followers. Also, my blog averages about 30 views per day! I think those are pretty good statistics if I do say so myself.

My February goal for my blog is to make $100 dollars, so stay tuned to see if I do that! 😉

If you are thinking about starting a blog I highly recommend it. It is scary at first, whether you don’t want to spend the money, or you are worried about judgement. But, I promise you that it is totally worth it. I absolutely love writing posts and reading other peoples. It is such a great community to be in.

I hope you guys are enjoying your Presidents Day!




  • Liz

    Hey Kate, this is awesome! I launched my blog in early February, so we’ve been blogging about the same amount of time 🙂 I clearly gotta get on the Tailwind bandwagon – I was playing with the idea of signing up, but hesitated because of the price point. Nice to know from someone else who’s starting out that it was worth the monetary investment!

    • katebillz

      I absolutely love tailwind, but if you really don’t want to spend the money, word of mouth and instagram work really well too! I am so happy for you that you started a blog! How is it coming along?

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