My Eric Church Concert Experience

On Saturday, January 26, I went to St. Louis, Missouri to see Eric Church in concert! The doors opened at 6:30pm so my friend and I got there around that time. The show was at the Enterprise Center which is a great little stadium. My friend and I had nosebleeds seat. She got me these tickets for Christmas, so if you’re reading this Kaylene thank you so much again lol.

Sorry for the poor lighting, but this is Kaylene!

The show was supposed to start at 8:00 pm, but Eric was a little late. He didn’t make it on stage till about 8:45 pm lol. He didn’t have anyone open for him which I thought was really weird, but I guess whatever floats his boat. I can’t even remember what song he started out with, but I know that it was one of his older ones. Not gonna lie, I did not know many of his older ones. I have been a fan of Eric Church for quite sometime, but I am not like a die hard fan who listens to all his music religiously. Up until the concert I had been listening to his albums everyday, but I guess his older songs didn’t stick with me. What surprised me was that he hardly played any of his songs on his newest album. They were all older songs from previous albums. Which was great, but I was just not as familiar with them. His tour this year is called the Double Down Tour which means he plays two shows on Friday and Saturday back to back. So, if you want to get the full experience you are supposed to go to both concerts, because he has totally different sets each night. I think he might’ve played his newer songs the night before, but I am not totally sure on that.

A big part of a concert experience is who you sit by. I don’t know about you guys, but I am a person who stands up at concerts. The crowd around me hardly stood up at all, and I feel bad for being the only one standing up and blocking everyones view. This was just crazy to me that no one wanted to stand up! I mean even the grandmas and grandpas at the Elton John concert I went to last year stood up during the whole thing. There was also a drunk couple who kept making out in front of me, which isn’t the greatest thing to watch.

Half way through his set list he took a 20m break. During this time I just sat in my seat, because I knew the bathroom lines were going to be ridiculous. The first half was about an hour long. After he got back from the break he sang about another hours worth of songs and then we left. Sorry Eric we headed out a littleeeee early. I am not sure how much longer the concert went on for after we left, but I’d say it probably lasted another good half hour or so. My friend and I just kept waiting for him to play Talladega or another popular song of his, but he just kept playing ones I didn’t know. Which is completely on me. I know for a fact I probably would have had a better time if I had done some more research and listened to his older songs.

Overall, I would give his concert a 6/10. Eric really did put on a great show and all his visuals and pictures on his screens were really good. But, having boring people sitting next to me and not knowing many of the songs did put a damper on things. Also, not having an opening artist is not something I am used to seeing. O and another thing I forgot to mention is that everyone there was like 21 and older. I seriously felt like one of the youngest people there. Which I do understand, because people do tend to drink a lot at concerts and sometimes it turns into not quite a family environment lol. I would love to see him in concert again, but next time around I will know more of his songs! 😉

Hope you are all having a great start to your week!

With lots of love,


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