My Experience at my First Crossfit Competition

I have been doing crossfit for about 6 months now. I absolutely love it, I actually wrote a previous blog post about it which you can find here. I used to hang out at one of the grade schools in my district before I would go over to my school in the mornings. The teacher whose classroom I would help in is an avid crossfit goer as well. She was going to be the judge for an upcoming competition on December 8th. I had no plan to attend this competition until a day before the competition, when someone was looking for a partner. I took this as a sign, and the next day I competed in my first crossfit competition!

Whenever I got there I was totally taken by surprise. The competition was at the crossfit box that I regularly attend so I thought it was just going to be a small in-house competition. There were lots of people there, and many different teams. If you aren’t familiar with crossfit there are two types of workouts. The rx which is typically harder movements and heavier weights, and then there is the scaled division which is easier movements and lighter weights. I competed in the scaled division. My partner was a woman who is a tad older than me. I would say she is in her 30-40s, I am really not sure honestly.

The workout was called Twelve Days of Christmas. It was twelve different movements that was done over and over again like the song goes. Then the other part of the workout was one minute max reps of sit ups on the machine thingy, and then one min max amount of calories on the bike. The rx division went first. There was a 40 minute time cap on the workout. It was so cool watching everyone workout. Personally, I think anyone that does crossfit is a badass, because it really is so cool.

There were about 6 other teams in the women’s scaled. The workout was rough, but it does really help having a crowd to cheer you on. Also, I believe that once you hit a certain point in the workout it is just grind time. Like you know it sucks and you really wanna quit but you just grind it out lol. My partner and I did not finish, but for it being our first competition I would say we did pretty good! Not gonna lie I think we got last, but at least we did it. After all the workouts they announced the winners, and then the winners got to compete again. It was awesome watching them too.

Crossfit is so cool and I really recommend it to anyone that is interested in it. I plan to do more crossfit competitions in the future, but first I think I am gonna try to improve a little bit lol.

My lovely sweaty partner and I!

I hope you are all having an excellent week!

With love,


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