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My Experience Being Plant-Based For a Year

There is so much controversy in the world today about the best things we should be putting in our bodies. I truly believe that everyones body is different and requires different things. Diets are something that I have tried ever since I was 13. I have had some struggles with body image, which kickstarted my love for health.


I went on my first diet my eighth grade year of junior high. This diet was called the Whole30, which is a pretty popular diet, that is based around the paleo way of eating. Paleo focuses on whole foods and more protein rather than carbs. This diet basically kick started my health journey. The Whole30 done the right way can be very beneficial and health, but I kind of did this diet the wrong way.

The Beginning

The Whole 30 caused me to lose weight, which in turn led me to become obsessed with losing weight. I began to understand everything about counting calories and the whole works. If I ate less I noticed that I would lose more weight. I used to keep a food journal and I would literally only eat like 600 calories a day. My mind tends to obsess over things pretty easily. Whenever I set my mind on something I do it to the best of my ability. Which can be both a good and bad thing lol.

It got to a certain point where I was so obsessed with dieting that my mom threatened to have me talk to a professional about my eating habits. Looking back, I realize that they were very unhealthy, and I was in a very unhealthy state of mind as well. When my mom threatened this I began to look at other diets. I stumbled across a couple youtube channels that talked about being vegan.

The major one was freelee the banana girl. She talked about how she ate as many carbs as she wanted to all while still loosing weight. Whenever you are a person who has been strictly dieting for quite some time this sounds like heaven!!

There were also healthy food documentaries on Netflix I started watching. I forget which one it was, but it was one of the ones that supports veganism. So basically right after I watched that documentary I turned plant based. I told my mom the next morning what I was doing. She thought I was crazy, but being the loving and supporting mom she is she went along with it.

You know how earlier I said that I tend to go to the extremes of things? Well I was the exact same way with being plant-based. I would not even touch a piece of food if I knew it had been close to something that wasn’t plant-based. I wouldn’t go out to eat, I wouldn’t hang out with friends, basically I wouldn’t leave the house lol. I was scared that I would be faced with eating something that didn’t come from plants.

One of the pictures taken while I was vegan.

As you can see from the picture above I was very thin, and I was still in a pretty unhealthy mind set. This was probably about 3/4 way through, which was like the middle of summer 2016.

I stopped being plant-based towards the end of 2016. Up until this time I had never had a boyfriends, or even had boys interested in me as cheesy as that sounds lol. I started dating a boy in November that was very ‘country’ in the sense that he hunted and ate a lot of meat. Being plant-based made me insecure, so I went back to the traditional way of eating.

Was it Hard?

This is a question that I got asked a lot. Personally, I did not think it was hard at all. I felt very strongly as to why I went plant-based and honestly I wanted nothing to do with eating animals or their by-products. I am a very motivated person, so for me it was not hard to stop eating certain things. There is also pretty much plant-based everything, so it’s not like I missed out on everything. My mom even made me a plant-based birthday cake when it was my birthday!!!

How Did You Get Your Protein?

This is another question that I always got asked. I got my protein from eating nuts, beans, and plant-based protein powder. My mom is an angel and always tried her best to make sure I was getting all my nutrients.

Did You Lose Weight?

Yes, I lost some weight, but mainly I maintained it from previous diets. Along with weight, I lost lots and lots of hair, and also my period. Which I thought was fabulous, but that is a sign your body isn’t working properly.

Would You Do it Again?

I do not know if I will ever do it again. That being said I try my best not to consume dairy products, and I try my best not to buy products tested on animals. Also, I try to not eat a lot of meat. So technically all those things do add up to being plant-based, but I don’t think that I will ever fully commit again.

Would You Recommend it?

Absolutely! Done the right way this can be the most amazing way of eating! I truly believe that animal products do not belong in our body and it hurts my heart to see what goes on behind the scenes of the meat and dairy industry.


Overall I am really glad I tried going plant-based. It corrected the majority of my poor eating habits and it brought awareness of the dangers of the meat and dairy industry.

Nowadays, I have a very healthy relationship with food and my body. I do not count calories or ever step on a scale. I love my body and give it exercise 4x a week. I eat foods that nourish it and foods that I enjoy. I am happier than I have ever been!

If any of you guys are struggling mentally with your eating habits I highly recommend seeing a professional or something. Luckily, I got out of the mindset on my own, but others are not as lucky.

I hope you guys are having a lovely Thursday!




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