My Experience with Arbonne

Hi friends!! It is currently Labor Day as I am typing this. I hope you guys enjoyed an awesome day taking a relaxing break from your weekly “labors.” I spent my day enjoying the sun and spending time with my loved ones. Now I am super excited to get into this awesome week, and share with you some good posts! Which leads me into my introduction of the experience I had with my Arbonne business.


If you aren’t familiar with Arbonne, it is a health/wellness MLM company. Commonly referred to as a “pyramid scheme.” Arbonne is well known for their healthy products, 30 days to healthy living program, and being one of the most popular MLM companies.

*just a disclaimer this is my personal experience.

My Story

When I got serious about this blog I made a bunch of social accounts for it. My main one being @daysofkatee over on instagram. When I started that instagram I followed a bunch of happy and inspiring accounts. A women reached out to me and started talking to me about her business. Me being only 17 at the time, thought it was incredible to hear her talking about how she left her full time job in 6 months.

Since I was only 17, I bought the 30 days to healthy living package ($266), and went on my way. We kept in touch, and once I had fallen in love with the products I became a consultant the day I turned 18.

High Hopes

My hopes were super high when I started this business. Obviously, you hear a lot of success stories with this kind of thing, and I was determined to make this business work for me. I had a lot of good months, and did make some decent money with it. However, for whatever reason it wasn’t sustainable. All my girls on my team quit and it eventually got me to the point where I lost my motivation. I took a few months off, and started again in the new year.


Everyday I talked to at least 50 people about my business and asking others to join me. I have always thought it was a bit intrusive, but I just did what I was told to in order to succeed.

Long Story Short

Long story short, I stopped working my business about two months ago. It got to the point where all my effort was going into my business, and nothing was coming out. And yes I am aware that it is a BUSINESS, and needs time to grow. But I realized, that I didn’t want to put all my energy into a business that at the end of the day is not really mine. Yes you get all the benefits from it, but at a click of a button from the corporation it could be taken away from you. Also, every time I wanted to “get back into my business” I would end up spending a crazy amount of money in products.

The Negatives

I genuinely did love my time that I really worked my business, but it came with a lot of negatives. For starters, it was really expensive. Yes you are getting amazing products, but I was spending way way more than I was making. It also took a lot of time. I understand that building a business takes time and effort, but the results I was told that I would be getting was not happening.

Also, I did not absolutely love all the products, so I felt bad when I promoted them. For instance, the makeup and skincare broke me out. How could I genuinely promote if I didn’t love the products myself.

The Positive Side

Even thought it did not end how I would have liked it to, I did gain several positives from it. One of the big things was that it truly taught me how to grow myself. Arbonne encourages a lot of self-development which I absolutely LOVE. The sense of community is also so so strong when you are apart of a team like that. Even though I don’t actively work the business I love to sit in on team calls. Arbonne taught me that leaders are readers, and encouraged me to read everyday. That is something that has benefitted me greatly.

At the End of the Day

At the end of the day MLM’s aren’t for me at this moment in my life. I decided to fully poor all my effort into my own business and school. I do believe that MLM’s are great. They are great for people who want their own business, but don’t necessarily have the resources. Or people who want a sense of community, and a little extra pocket cash. Even if you don’t want to start your own MLM business, just supporting others means so much to them. You might even find some great products along the way!

I hope you guys enjoyed that post!

Thanks for reading.



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