My Favorite Hair Products

Up until this year, I was never really a person who was big on hair care and hair products. I would just use whatever shampoo my mom bought, but this year I have finally started paying more attention to what I put on my hair!

Typically, I only wash my hair twice a week. This preserves the natural oils in my hair and help keep it well moisturized. I have super dry skin so naturally my scalp is dry as well, but the products I am about to show you have helped me tremendously. Also, I struggle with split ends and using all these products/doing my routine of not washing have really helped to reduce them!

The Products

I use the Biolage sugar shine system shampoo. The shampoo cleans my hair, smells amazing, and always leaves it so shiny. It also helps moisurize my scalp and get rid of some of the itchiness a dry scalp brings.

I also use the conditioner from the same line. This conditioner really helps to detangle my hair and lock in a lot of moisture. The conditioner helps keep my hair silky smooth up until the time I wash it again!

I love getting the big bottles off amazon, because they last me so long!

Okay this shampoo is not my favorite at all. It is not a good shampoo and it smells pretty terrible. But if you struggle with an extremely dry and itchy scalp you need this! I only use it when my scalp is extra dry. It literally takes away all the itchiness immediately. The shampoo is super cheap and I just always keep it on hand for those super dry months.

Instead of using the the shampoo by itself I will mix in a small drop with my regular shampoo!

You guys must be thinking why the heck is she using baby powder? Trust me on this guys, baby powder is the BEST dry shampoo. Like seriously, just put a little bit on your hair roots and your hair is set for literally a week. I sweat everyday almost twice a day, and it still helps to. keep my hair looking like I just washed it! Definitely try this out for yourself!! Lol thank you Alison for showing me this trick. 😉

These two pictures are from my “How I Curl My Hair” post, but I wanted to include them on here to tell you about this curling wand! It is from hot tools and I absolutely love it. I love the way it makes my curls look and it is so easy to curl them with this! Definitely recommend checking it out if you are in the market for a new wand!

This is how my curls look after I curl it! They are so voluminous and last me two days. I also wanted to include the hair spray that I use. It is from Aussie and smells so yummy. Not gonna lie, it probably isn’t the best spray I have ever used, but it is the one I always go to buy! I just love the smell of it, and it holds really well without leaving it stiff.

Thanks for reading! What are your guys favorite hair products?

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