My Favorite Must Have Summer Shorts

One of the best things to wear when the weather starts to warm up is shorts. I absolutely love shorts, especially the stretchy/comfy kind. I am not a fan of wearing uncomfortable clothing. Most days you can find me wearing athletic shorts. My favorites are definitely the ones from Nike. Over the years I have compiled a list of shorts that I love, and I continue to wear them every time summer rolls around.

My Must Haves

This first pair of shorts is from American Eagle. They are my absolute favorite shorts. They are are stretchy and prevent my thighs from rubbing lol. The shorts go great with any outfit and are very high quality.

They can be a bit pricey but I always make sure to attend the buy one get one half off sale. One of the things that I find with American Eagle clothes is that they last a long time, so I don’t mind paying a couple extra dollars. The shirt is also from there!

Also, a side note the bracelet/hair tie I am wearing is from the brand teleties. It is seriously the best hair tie ever and it also doubles as a bracelet. The only downside to them is that the hair tie stretches out a bit, so I have to shimmy it up my arm a little as you can see in the picture above.

I have had these shorts for like 3 years and they are still my absolute favorites. They are from Nike! The shorts go with every outfit and are so comfy. They have the built-in underwear which is one of my favorite things.

The waistband is thick and has a small pocket. I hardly ever use the pocket, but I know it is handy for small keys/cards. The shorts also go a bit higher on the sides as you can see in the picture.

I paired these shorts with my Under Armour tank top and Gap cardigan. These are some of my favorite pieces as well.

I have had these shorts for about 4 years! Nike makes really high quality clothes. They are another one of my favorites, but I don’t wear them as often because they are a bit shorter. Also, the colors on the shorts makes it to where I can only wear a few shirts with them lol.

They are the exact same line as the pair of shorts I mentioned above. The tank top I am wearing is also from Nike. I love to pair my shorts with tank tops during the summer.

I was not planning on posting this picture as you can tell, but it shows off these shorts great. They are from American Eagle and are a “mom short.” This is the first item that I have ever worn that fell under the category as the “mom fit,” but they are so comfy and I love the fit.

I ended up getting a size bigger than in the picture above to get more of an oversized fit. The shorts have two large holes on both of the legs, but the pocket covers most of the skin if you pull it through.

A funny story actually I wore these shorts to the beach and they ended up getting a stain on them, so I soaked them in this whitening stuff and it turned them green! But once I washed them they went right back to their original state. It surprised me because I thought they were going to stay green! Have you guys ever messed up your clothes like that??

Don’t hate me but I am not sure where the shorts above are from. All I know is that I got them from Ross and that store has a lot of shorts similar to these. They are made from a comfy, stretchable fabric and have pockets!!! I highly recommend going to Ross or T.J Maxx and getting yourself a pair like them. They are listed at a great price and are perfect for when you want to dress up but still be comfy.

This is not the most flattering picture ever, but these shorts are awesome! They are from Old Navy and are very comparable to my American Eagle ones. The shorts are stretchy and help prevent my thighs from rubbing lol.

I love the look of them, and the shorts are permanently rolled up unlike the American Eagle ones. The only downside to these shorts is that they do stretch out the tiniest bit throughout the day, but for such a great price I am okay with a little stretch.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What are some of your favorite shorts? Hope you guys are all having a great day! 🙂

Lots of love,


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