My First Experience Turkey Hunting

This past week my grandpa asked me to go turkey hunting with him. Before this experience I had only ever shot a gun once. I am not a hunter at all lol I am a big animal lover, so this is something that is typically not up my alley. Lol I remember one time that my dad came home with a deer and I cried. But since my grandpa asked me I decided to put my animal lover feelings aside and go for the experience.

My Experience

We woke up at about 5:10 am, which honestly isn’t really that early for me. I went to bed at a decent time the night before, so it wasn’t too rough. My clothes that I wore were all my dads. I do not own any camo, nor do I have rain boots so I had to borrow a pair of those as well. After getting dressed I drank a small cup of tea. Typically I use the restroom like at least once an hour, so I could not drink too much since there are obviously no toilets in the woods lol.

Made sure to take a mirror selfie #bedhead

My grandpa and I hunted in a blind. Which is basically like a camouflage tent that has little cutouts to shootout of. In the morning it was a little rainy, but we did hear some turkeys. I never knew that they made so many different sounds. There were two stools in the blind that we both sat on. There were a couple times that turkeys came close, but they are smart little guys and I am pretty sure they figured us out lol. After sitting in that blind for about two hours we moved spots.

This is the blind we hunted in!

The second spot we sat at was completely out in the open besides a tree. We put a little bit of camo burlap over us, but you could still openly see us. This spot kept us occupied for a little bit, but it started to rain so we switched places again.

By the second spot change I was kind of over it. We moved to another tree and saw multiple turkeys! It does get exciting whenever they start to get closer to you. The weather never really cooperated so we ended up leaving around 10 am.

Overall, I did really enjoy it. I think it would have been a little funner if I had gotten to shoot the shotgun, but it was nice to be out in nature for a little bit.

Have you guys ever gone hunting? I hope you are having a great day!



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