My Florida Georgia Line Concert Experience

You guys, I feel like I have not talked to you in forever! This week I was stuck with no wifi, and lots of things to do. Not gonna lie the next few weeks may be a little off and on, just while I try to figure out how to fit everything in. I start college classes next week, I start my new job next week, still always working on my business, and also trying to spend time with family and friends. It is a lot, but I know I can do it.

Right now I am thinking I am going to change my upload days to Monday + Friday, but we will see what ends up working the best. 🙂 Thank you guys so much for being patient and I cannot wait to share this post with you!!

Florida Georgia Line Concert

This past Thursday I went to a Florida Georgia Line Concert at the Hollywood Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO. I took my friend Alison and we got pit tickets. I honestly don’t think I will ever go to a concert and not get pit tickets lol. It honestly completely changed my concert experience. You get to experience the concert in a much more intimate way with the artists. Like making eye contact with them, or them waving at you. Just sweet stuff like that lol.

The concert started at 7pm and immediately one of the headlining opening artists came out. I hate those concerts when they have 4 different opening artists before even the headliner openers come out. If you go to a lot of concerts you probably know what I am talking about.

Hardy was the first artist that came out and o my he was so good! He has a super popular song on the radio right now that is called “Rednecker” he of course sang that and a couple of other hits.

After Hardy was Morgan Wallen. I have seen him before, but he is just so good!! I love listening to all his songs and he is such a good performer.

Canaan Smith came on after Morgan Wallen, he sang a song or two and they were super good. His hit song is “Love you like that” if you have ever heard it.

O my goodness after that was Dan + Shay. They were seriously so amazing. I know I have probably said amazing like 10x now, but I seriously mean it!! They both can sing so well, it is insane. They also came out at the end and sang the song “Holy” with FGL, and the singer Shay hit the high note and o my god. So good.

Of course after all those artists Florida Georgia Line came out! I saw them at a local concert in like 2014 when they were just starting out. They were super good and all the props were really cool.

I honestly have nothing but good things to say about the concert. The venue was sick, all the artists were incredible, and the pit was easy going! I will definitely be back and am going to be looking for tickets asap to see all of these artists again!!! After the concert they also handed out free Red Bulls, which was super cool. Personally, I did not drink one but I still thought it was cool.

One last sweaty selfie. The concert was very hot.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I will talk to you again on Monday!



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