My Florida Trip!!

Hi friends! I feel like I haven’t talked to you in so long! As of now I have been home for four days. Levi and I decided to take a trip down south for about a week and it was seriously the best time! This post is going to be dedicated to telling you all about our travels. It was seriously so so fun! Hope you enjoy reading all about my Florida trip!

The Start

Levi and I left my house around 7:30am on July 31st and began our ten hour round trip to Miramar Beach, Florida. If you don’t know where that is at, it is like right next to Destin. It is just one of the smaller towns down the coast a little ways. We had a pretty great drive. We took turns driving and never really ran into any traffic, which was AMAZING. The entire way down I used the WAZE app. It is seriously so bomb. I am not sponsored in anyway shape or form I just seriously think it is so awesome. It updates you constantly, tells you where construction is, where police are, when there are objects in the road, vehicles pulled over on the side of the road, and so much more!


We arrived in Miramar at our Airbnb at about 5pm. We stayed in this awesome airbnb that was across the street from the beach. You can find the exact one we stayed at here. After we settled in, we walked down the street a short ways to a restaurant. It was called the Surf Hut and I would rate it about a 5/10. It had some pretty decent food, and was right on the water which was very nice. Eating at night can be a very difficult task. There are lots and lots of people, so the wait is typically long if you don’t get in early.

That evening we went on a little walk and went back to the condo to chilax a little bit.

Day One

For a first full day, we immediately woke up and hit the beach. The entire time we were there the sun never stopped shining. We both made the rookie mistake of getting burnt on the first day. I brought an umbrella, but neither of us sat under it much. After about four hours of sunbathing and hanging out in the water, we went back to the condo. We made this ritual of taking a nap after getting back. Naps after swimming and sitting in the sun are always the best. After napping we decided to give the restaraunt the Surf Hut another try. We got to sit outside this time and the views were great! The pool was a must later that night. After feeling a little bloated from dinner, we went for a quick walk to the beach and I jumped in the pool!

Day Two

Day two was pretty well identical to the first day. We hit the beach, condo to nap, then after our nap we ate at home this night! Levi made spaghetti with a little bit of my assistance. It was super yummy! Spaghetti is one of my all-time favorite meals. I forgot to mention that our airbnb provided bikes! So we got to ride those to the beach again this evening.

Day Three

Wash, rinse, and REPEAT. For the third day we did the exact same thing as the previous two days. We went to the beach, back to the condo for a nap, and then out to eat! Later that night we also went for our nightly bike ride/walk. On this day we tried out a new restaurant called Pompano Joes. It was a must-stop for Levi. He had been there previously with a bunch of buddies and had some very fond memories.

Day Four

On the fourth day we decided to switch it up a bit. We wanted to do a bit of shopping to get souvenirs for family, and just to see if there was anything we needed for ourselves. We went to a typical Alvins Island store and got some souvenirs. Those stores are seriously everywhere!! After that we went to the popular mall called Destin Commons. There weren’t very many people there since we got there relatively early. Levi and I walked in a few stores and picked up some things. Following the mall, we went out to eat at a Oyster and Ale House. It was not busy at all, and was directly on the harbor. We had the best view of the boats coming in and out. One of the best places we ate for sure!! After lunch we went to the beach, back to the condo to nap, and woke up just in time to make some steaks for dinner.

Day Five

On our last full day we did our typical routine. We were both starting to get a tad tired of the beach, but nonetheless we put in our full four hours of beach time. Took our afternoon nap at the condo, then went out to eat! On this night, we ate at a super yummy restaurant. I think it was called AJ’s, but I am not for sure. After taking our time eating, and going on a nice drive we went back to the condo. We ended the last day by sitting on a mattress in the floor downstairs, and watched some super funny movies.

Heading Home

On our sixth day, we packed up all our stuff and headed home. We had planned to watch the sunrise at the beach and then hit the road early, but it turned into sleeping in and getting on the road at like 9:30am lol. Neither of us felt like getting up at 5am.

Ahhh that was my super awesome Florida trip! I feel so grateful to be able to go on a trip like that, especially with everything going on in the world at the moment. It was definitely one of the best trips ever. I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Until next time.



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