My Most Expensive Clothing Purchase

I am not one that typically spends a lot of money on clothes. I cannot remember the last time I actually went clothes shopping, and when I do go shopping its usually the average priced stores like old navy, American eagle, and stores similar lol. One of my favorite things to wear is leggings. I wear them all year long. For the longest time I have always heard about how great Lululemon legging are, but since they are so expensive I never wanted to buy a pair. Until last summer, I decided that I was finally going to splurge and buy a pair!

Lululemon Wunder Unders

Before I bought this pair I watched lots of reviews on all different kinds of leggings they had. I decided on the Wunder Unders. Most of the reviews I watched said that these were the best pair. The only negative thing that I heard/read about them is that the fabric tends to peel. So it recommends that you do not dry them in a dryer.

This isn’t a very cut pic lol I was just trying to show you the leggings

My Opinion

It has been a while but I believe that I spent around $115 on this pair of leggings. I bought them brand new an outlet Lululemon store. The description on the Lululemon website for these leggings is, “lies flat against your skin and won’t dig in, has pockets on the waistband to hold your key and card, have a hugged sensation, and they are engineered to feel like a comfortable embrace throughout, and to hold close and move with you.” I feel like this is a pretty accurate description.

The leggings are very soft, stretchy, and have an amazing compression fit. They are also pretty long. I am 5’7 and 145 lbs and there is still some material left bunched at my ankles, but you can distribute the material to where it is even throughout. The waistband lies right below the belly button, and does dig in. However, it has a compression fit so it squeezes everything in, which to me is pretty nice!

Heat is easily trapped in these leggings, but they have a sweat wicking feel at the same time. These leggings go great with a sweater in the winter, because the material is so thick it traps all your heat in! The pocket on the legging is stretchable enough to fit my iphone 8. However, it was a bit uncomfortable to have it in there, so I would just stick to using it as a key or card holder lol.

little blurry but you get the gist

One thing that I was looking for in these leggings, was to see if dog hair would stick to them or not. I have four dogs in my house and two of which shed. So, I tend to like to wear clothing that doesn’t attract dog hair. Leggings is one of those clothing items that almost always sticks to dog hair. Sadly to say the lululemon leggings are no exception to that. But, I will say that the hair usually is able to be brushed off easily with just your hand.

Overall Review

Overall, I do not know that I would purchase these leggings again. With how much they cost, I would rather by two or three pairs of 90 degree leggings. But, if you have always wanted a pair I say go for it! Most people say that Lululemon leggings are great because they last so long, so I guess we will see if they stand the test of time!

Here are some other high quality leggings I like.

90 Degree


Basic Black Leggings

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