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My Post-It Note Wall

I got this idea off of a girl from instagram, and it has honestly been working wonders in my life! I don’t know if you guys are into self help, but if you aren’t you definitely should be! This is going to be a pretty self explanatory post, but you guys need to start doing this!!

Where It Started

One day I was scrolling on Instagram and saw this girl putting up post it notes. Every time she accomplished what was on the post it note she took it down. I decided this would be an amazing thing to do. Putting it up on your wall helps you to see it everyday and really visualize it. Every morning I get up in front of my mirror and read all of these to myself.

Let’s Do This

You guys if you want something in your life you need to start doing this immediately! I could honestly write my own self help book by now lol. Everyday I devote at least 30m to self development. I cannot even began to tell you how much it helps.

So this next part may be a little vulnerable, but I am going to share with you what is on my post it notes. I am hoping this will inspire you, and maybe give you an idea on what to put on yours!

So on the left side of this I have written affirmations that I like to say about myself. Some of mine include, “I am walking the stage at Vegas,” “I am awesome,” “I achieved area manager,” “I achieved Regional Vice President,” “I am fit,” “I am building an empire,” “Your dreams are coming true.” On the top I like to write down a few of my dreams. Some of which include opening up an orphanage in a third world country, owning a white Mercedes Benz, and building a house!

On the right side may not make any sense to you, but I have my own business and on the right I have goals for that!

So you guys right now I want you to grab some post it notes, or piece of paper, whatever you have and write down your goals. Now seriously do it. I am sure you just read that and did nothing, but I am so serious when I say to do it. Okay, now that you’ve got your paper, hang it up somewhere will you will see it everyday. Rather that be above your mirror, near your toothbrush, next to your shoes, just some place where you will see it!

The Results

I promise you guys, doing this will help change your life!! You guys are all so amazing and I want to challenge you to dream bigger! Set your goals higher! Let’s stop living lives that we hate living. Everyone always says that life is meant to suck, um news flash no it’s not. I get so angry every time someone tells me “Oh Kate just wait till you’re an adult” “Enjoy going to school, you will hate being an ‘adult’.”

It seriously makes me so mad when someone tells me one of those things, those things are bullshit. You are in control of your own life. Yes, money and bills and all that are a real thing. I comprehend that, even though some people think I don’t. But you guys can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! So lets stop living small and go kick some ass.

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys have an amazing day.

Ps. I wrote this after listening to a Rachel Hollis podcast so I was very fired up haha, but in all seriousness let’s start living our best lives.

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