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Hey guys! I was thinking of some ideas for a post this week and I wanted to do something on the personal side. So as you can see I decided to do a room tour! I am so excited because I am actually moving out here in about two months. This room has been mine for only about a year.

My family lived in a different home for the majority of my life, and then we moved to this house! My sister and I also shared this room until my brother moved out a year ago. So I have only really had this room to myself for about a year!

This room is not perfect by any means, and it hardly has any decoration, but I love it. So without further ado here is my room!

Room Tour

The picture above is the view you see if you are looking into my room from the hallway. I know the lighting is not perfect, my room faces the north side of my house I believe, (I am not good with directions) so it hardly ever gets that much light.

This is the overview of my room as soon as you step into the doorway. As you can see I keep my Christmas decor up year round, or at least my tinsel lol. I could take it down, but I just really like it.

When you step inside my room and look to your right you see my dresser, closet door, and half of my bed. My dresser is from a local boutique and so cute! On top of my dresser, I have my MacBook, hermit crab, a sign I made, a letter K that my friend painted, and a little holder that holds various things. On my bed, I have my bible, planner, notebook, and journal. I just like to have them out in plain sight so I can always look at my to-do lists/grab one when needed.

Okay this is probably the ugliest part of my room. I have my dream duffel out since it is dance competition season. If you haven’t heard of a dream duffel before, they are basically just this ginormous suitcase with lots of compartments and a little rack that pops out of the top.

I have learned that I absolutely love clothing racks and will never live without one again. On it I have clothes that I am selling, my purse, coat, beach towel, pajamas, my trusty cardigan, and another purse. In the corner I just have a normal fan. I like to keep that on at night if it gets too stuffy in my room.

Underneath my bed are various items that I ma taking with me when I move out! It is not a pretty sight, but it is what it looks like on a daily basis. Along with all those lovely dust bunnies.

This is just the view when you stand towards the back of my room. I just have a trashcan (that I need to dump) and a sign above it. The sign says “Listen to your heart it knows the way.” I just like the way it looks and the saying is true!

Don’t judge me too hard for my closet, it is a little cluttered. At the bottom of the closet, I have a headboard and various things that I will show you a better picture of. Also, I have this amazing over the door shoe rack from Amazon! It is the best thing ever! At the top of my closet I have things left over from Christmas, winter sweaters, and graduation stuff that I don’t really feel like doing anything with at the moment.

To the right inside my closet I have two containers. One the holds tank tops, and another that holds shorts and pj bottoms.

To the left on the inside of my closet I have sweatshirts that I don’t have enough hangers for, camera case, bags, and a few shoes that won’t fit on the rack lol.

And this is the view that I normally see. My two pups sitting on my bed, looking out my window. How precious.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Sorry about the lighting on some of the photos. As soon as I save up a little money, I am going to be purchasing some studio lights! How exciting, I will feel like a real blogger lol.

Hope you guys are having a great day. 🙂



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