My Summer Staples

Summer is starting to slowly dwindle away, but I still thought I would share with you some of my summer staples! I have never really been a fashionable person. I don’t do a lot of fast washing, or go along with the trends very much. Basics are my primary go-to and I have had these pieces for several summers. I hope you enjoy!

Tank Tops

Tank tops are an essential to me in the summer time. You will hardly ever catch me in a t-shirt in the summer, unless I am at work. I sweat a lot, and tend to get pretty warm. Tank tops are amazing because they can be super cute, and they are very cooling.

I love getting casual ones, but also cute ones like this!

Another spinoff of tank tops are crop tops. Before I got this crop top last year, I had actually never owned one. I was a little nervous about it at first, but I had no problem with it staying up, and it was so so comfy!!


I love wearing rompers in the summer. They are a complete outfit in themself and are so easy to just grab and throw on. I love getting mine from Aeropostale. It is comfy and moves with me. It also has pockets! I mean what more could you want???


Everyone loves a cute summer dress moment. Rather you are wearing it out to dinner, on vacation, or just throwing it on to spice things up. Dresses are easy too, because there is hardly any hassle with them. They are their own complete outfit, and very comfy (most of the time).

Jean Shorts & Skirt

Jean shorts will never go out of style. They might evolve, but I am almost 100% sure they will always be around. I am a basic girl when it comes to my jean shorts. American eagle is typically where I get all of mine. I just have yet to find a place that does them better! Jean shorts from A&E are so comfy, and last forever. I have had this pair shown going on three summers now.

Also, I have been loving jean skirts this summer. Skirts kind of go in and out of trend, but they are nice to have on hand. It’s a great way to spice up any outfit. They also make me feel super girly, which is always fun every once in a while. 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of my staple pieces!

Comment down below what your staple summer pieces are!



Places I like to shop:

American Eagle

Cute Boutiques


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